Mass Effect’s Canceled DS Game Could Have Redeemed Worst Teammate

The Mass Effect is Bioware’s effort to create a sprawling world set in the distant future where the fun and adventure of science fiction comes to life. However, it is also a franchise of choice, in which players can create their own narrative over the course of three games to ensure that no story is like any other. Not only did this strategy work, but it helped set a new standard in the genre that few have managed to match. However, while the main trilogy may be one of the most iconic sagas in modern gaming, it almost had even more adventures.

Apart Mass Effect: Andromedathere was an opportunity to explore a much more dangerous part of Mass Effect lore: Corsairs. Mass Effect: Corsair was a canceled game for the Nintendo DS that focused on a new Han Solo-like character and new worlds. However, the real attraction was the difference in gameplay between the original Mass Effect series and what Corsair aspired to be. Whether Mass Effect: Corsair had been given the green light, this could have been the perfect opportunity to improve on one of the series’ most hated teammates – Jacob Taylor.

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Corsairs are the Black Ops soldiers of the Mass Effect universe

In Mass Effect, the Systems Alliance is a one-stop shop for a collective organization of planets working together to ensure the growth of the galaxy. Members of the Alliance are best known for their military and exploration divisions, and serve as overseers that the player would report to when commanding the Normandy. Although they are successful in keeping planets safe within the Alliance, some missions cannot be carried out by their military or explorers. As a result, members of the Corsairs became a quick and easy way to get dirty work done.

Privateers are Alliance Marines who, on paper, operate outside of Alliance jurisdiction. Essentially black ops soldiers, privateers could break the rules and push the boundaries as needed to succeed in the mission. However, if things ever went wrong on a mission, the Alliance would deny any connection to them. This allows them to keep their hands clean but prevents them from offering any assistance to the corsairs. A game revolving around these characters would have offered a new look at the galaxy, as they don’t have to adhere to the Alliance’s rules of engagement and see more of the underbelly of the galaxy than Shepherd ever did. .

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How Mass Effect: Corsair Could Have Saved Jacob’s Character

When Jacob Taylor entered the scene in Mass Effect 2, he had already lived a rather singular life. He started out as an Alliance marine and human biotic, but eventually became a privateer. After his dealings with the Alliance, he later joins Cerberus, as his desire to serve and be a better soldier had to be nurtured. He also plays a part in Shepherd’s suicide mission and plays a relatively common role in the sequel. That said, his “good soldier” mentality often undermines his personality and provides far less depth to his character than other members of the Normandy. To make matters worse, some of her best qualities, like her high intelligence, are overshadowed by other intelligent characters like Miranda.

While Jacob’s story wasn’t enough to draw in many fans and let him down by the wayside, it’s far from revealing of the life he led. Had Mass Effect: Corsair been done, it could have been a chance for players to explore his exciting life as a privateer through the eyes of another new character. Additionally, a look at how the Corsairs work would have helped give players an idea of ​​how his personality evolved into his state in Mass Effect 2. Ultimately, it’s possible that Jacob’s fatal flaw was a lack of context, and a game surrounding his former employers might have helped vindicate his character.

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