Meet the Japanese law that stops players selling mods – the clare people


The Chinese sold mods that promised to increase the chances of rare items appearing in the adventure and could be customized. Each modification was sold on the internet for around R $ 167 in the current quotation of the Japanese yen. Earlier this year, in February, another man was arrested in Japan on charges of selling modified versions of the first Water Sobble to players from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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  • Sobble in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Image: Reproduction / The Pokémon Company)

    Both arrests were based on changes in the law for the prevention of unfair competition. The Japanese legislative text was updated in 250, including modification services such as illegal activities in the country. The law primarily criminalized the sale of software modifications without the manufacturer’s permission. The official sanction provided for was a fine of up to 5 million yen (167,000 BRL) or up to five years in prison. In the worst case, the accused is sentenced to both.

    The change in the text was responsible for the downfall of several data editing tools, such as Cyber ​​Save Editor, which created loopholes for game codes. The program was used to make life easier players from God of War (2019), GTA 5 and Monster Hunter: World, who were tired of looking for items and money. The app was also known for the ability to create a strong and rare Pokémon for games in the franchise.

    Cyber ​​Save Editor enabled the creation of Pokémon (Image: Playback / Screenshot / GBATemp Forum)

    Generic consoles, the famous mini-games, which contained modified versions of the titles Nintendinho, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo are another type of modification that has turned a police case in Japan. Original PlayStation. According to the Japanese government, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law has been updated to ensure proper competition between businesses. In addition to existing images and programs, “data” has been added as a protection target for restrictions. For this reason, the games and their codes cannot be appropriated or modified for sale and sharing.

    Generic consoles that emulate games have also been banned in Japan (Image: Play / Shopee / SUP)

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