Mega Man Battle & Fighter is now available on Switch eShop

Mega Man Battle & Fighters, the brand new action title from NEOGEO Pocket Color, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game, which is priced at $7.99 on the eShop and weighs just 109MB, is available for buy here. Mega Man Battle & Fighters contains two games for the classic NEOGEO Pocket Color; Mega Man: Battle of Power and Mega Man 2: Fighters of Power

  • MEGA MAN BATTLE & FIGHTERS is now available via NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection! You can also play as different PROTO MAN, BASS and DUO characters, each with their own play style. Prepare your buster and jump into the world of MEGA MAN!
  • Jump right into the action as you take on bosses from MEGA MAN games 1-7! Defeat a total of 40 bosses and put an end to DR. WILY’s plans for world domination!
  • Character data can be obtained randomly by defeating enemies! Prepare and collect all 36 types to populate your own personal database!

*This product only contains the Japanese version.
*Trading features have been disabled.
*The manual included in the game is from NEOGEO POCKET Color Edition. Therefore, some commands may vary on Nintendo Switch.

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