Multiversus and 9 Other Top Platformer Fighters That Aren’t Super Smash Bros.

Platform fighters have had a big resurgence lately. Multiverse has been in its beta for a while at the time of writing. Nickelodeon has renewed interest in its own platform hunter with DLC. There’s even a highly anticipated indie platformer slated for later this year in Scares.

All these games owe their existence to Super Smash Bros.. Nintendo’s first fighting game franchise established the platform-based fighting genre just over twenty years ago. Fans who grew up with these games have now created great gaming experiences themselves. These platform fighters all serve different purposes than those smash but are still enjoyable in their own way.


ten Multiverse

Unlocking Advertiser Packs in MultiVersus

Multiverse is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated fighting games of the year. It has a new take on the platforming fighting genre in that it focuses on 2v2 matches. The ability to buff teammates is actually quite fun. The wide variety of excellent scenes and characters it has is also fun.

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Even though it’s only in beta, Multiverse is incredibly polite. All characters from Shaggy to Batman have unique animations and playstyles. Most of the characters even have their original voice actors, which shows how dedicated the developers were to authenticity. Although this does not apply to the new character, fans are still excited and surprised to star as the newly announced Lebron.

9 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Omashu Stage Multiplayer Brawl

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl almost feels like a perfect companion for Multiverse. Multiverse is an upcoming free game with lots of Triple-A finishing. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a full-priced game from an under-budgeted team with a lot of heart. The game didn’t launch with voice acting, but its solid mechanics gave it a small but devoted fan base.

The game features tons of Nicktoons characters of all ages on the channel. This includes popular faces like Spongebob, but also weirder picks like Powdered Toast Man. The game recently announced its first batch of DLC. Fans hope there will be more because there are a lot of characters fans want Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

8 fight

fight was released in 2017 after being revealed at the EVO Fighting Games Tournament the previous year. The game is a pretty standard platform fighter like Super Smash Bros.. It supports up to four players in one-to-one matches knocking opponents off the stage. The main difference is that there is no blocking and most characters cannot grab.

This creates a faster game based more on combos. Additionally, the game has also garnered a lot of favor by including characters from other indie games in addition to its original twenty-one characters. This included stars of Super Light Drifter, Guacamelee, Yooka-Layleeand dead cells. The game is generally considered fun, but too fast for casual play

seven Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All Stars Kratos

Super Smash Bros. might be the origin of the Platform Fighter, but it has another genre defined. He is also the quintessential mascot fighter. It uses company-owned characters in the creation of gigantic fighting game tournaments. Nickelodeon and WB only recently tried the genre, but SONY Playstation tried it nearly a decade ago.

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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale seen a lot of reviews on release for being a “Smash Bros. scam. “However, the game actually had many differences, such as light and heavy attacks and special moves that were the only way to kill. The gameplay of the game drew a lot of criticism, but the graphics and presentation were praised Fans are hoping this game will eventually see a more balanced sequel.

6 brawlhalla

crossover brawlhalla im joe

brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighter released in 2014. It was the same year as Super Smash Bros. 4 was released, but this game has been constantly updated since then. Since then, he’s racked up fifty-five playable characters and tons of alternate skins for those characters. This constant work has made it one of Ubisoft’s best games.

Each character has customizable options for weapons and skins. This allows for far more individual customization options than Super Smash Bros. The game is also free to play, as cosmetics and additional tools are the only part of the game purchased with real money. The game also featured crossover characters like fight with Rayman and Lara Croft.

5 Indie Pogo

A bunch of funny characters jumping towards the Indie Pogo logo.

As mentioned, Scares is an upcoming fighting game aiming to be the indie equivalent of Smash Bros.. However, before this game was announced, another game brought some of the best indie video game icons for a crossover. Indie Pogo has brought together over fifty different indie games under one roof. However, he also brought a unique mechanic in the form of constant jumps.

Each character jumps automatically upon touching the ground, hence the “Pogo” in the title. This causes most of the combat to take place in the air. Characters can also jump on top of each other, allowing for additional combo and aerial potential. The game is a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s one of the most well-rounded crossovers in platformer hunter history.

4 Jump super stars

Naruto and Goku gameplay alongside official Jump Super Stars art.

manga publishing Shounen jump has many iconic characters, so it’s no surprise they gave Mascot Fighters a try. Before jump strength however, there was the Jump Super Stars series on the Nintendo DS. This series was exclusive to Japan but was often imported due to its popularity. super stars and its sequel, Ultimate Starsbrought over forty different manga series in platform fighter form.

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The series included fifty-six playable characters, iconic characters like dragonball‘s Goku to more obscure characters like Kazuki’s Buso Renkin. In addition to playable characters, there is also a litany of helper characters. These are activated by clicking on the manga panels on the bottom screen of the DS. The games have been praised for their beautiful sprite work and wide range of crossovers.

3 slap town

Characters fighting in the game Slap City

Super Smash Bros Ultimate was one of the most anticipated games of 2018. However, it was released towards the end of the year. Developer Ludosity was able to create a game like Super Smash Bros. to fill the void until Ultimatethe exit. As smash, slap town was a game made up of characters and locations from the developer’s other titles.

Unlike other games that take smashhis qualities, slap town emulated the first installment of the Nintendo 64. The game focused on floating aerial moves and hard hitting. it featured heavy and light attacks as well as a soccer-like mode. The work of the developers on the game was so appreciated that they ended up being exploited to make Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

2 Deadly League Blaze

Characters fighting in Lethal League Blaze

deadly league is a series of games inspired by the SEGA classic Radio Jet Set series. Radio Jet Set was a drastically shady series of roller sports games, but Lethal League takes a different route. This series is a platform combat based on the volley of a ball between the characters. Characters that fail to steal the ball take damage and can be stunned.

The last entry, Flambé, doesn’t have many of the same mechanics as other platform fighters. Levels are mostly flat planes and eliminations can only be achieved by kicking the ball at opponents. However, a difference from the staples of the genre does not equal a bad platformer. The game is fast, frenetic and has an excellent soundtrack with compositions by Radio Jet Setthe original composer.

1 Ether Rivals

Uno vs. Ori in Rivals

Ether Rivals is a pixelated platform fighter available on all modern consoles as well as PC. It features a host of animal characters who control each of the elements and live in a land called Aether. The game is praised for its fast and strategic gameplay. Ether Rivals removes grabs and shields and adds a versatile parry system that allows experts to punish opponents leading to play that rewards counter-heavy behaviors.

The game also comes with a story mode and many additional modes like endless and online modes. The game also has a dating-themed spin-off called Ether Lovers which, strangely, spans the characters. The game is also famous for its Steam Workshop support, which has allowed many weird and funny characters to be created. The developers recently announced a 3D sequel called Rivals 2 who is sure to become another great modern platform fighter alongside Multiverse and Super Smash Bros..

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