NES ‘Legend of Zelda’ fan recreates his map in Lego blocks

NES fan “Legend of Zelda” has recreated the original map of the classic Nintendo game title in Lego blocks.

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NES ‘Legend of Zelda’ Fan Recreates Map

According to a report from Kotaku, a ‘Zelda’ fan decided to use 25,000 Lego blocks to recreate the original Nintendo Entertainment System map ‘Legend of Zelda’.

It took “Zelda” fans months to build the maps using thousands of Lego bricks. Not to mention that he created a “complicated” project on his own.

The man behind the massive 3D recreation of the “Hyrule Map” is Ian Roosma, who shared his project on his YouTube account.

Roosma spoke with Kotaku, in which he talked about one of the first games he ever played in the “Legend of Zelda” on the NES.

As such, he decided to recreate the game he had fond memories of using Lego bricks.

He further shared that he came across the idea of ​​building the original “Zelda” map out of Lego bricks when he was planning to fill in a blank white wall on his house.

Roosma said at the time he was “looking for something that had personal meaning” to him. However, on top of that, he also wanted something “complicated” to complete.

Not long enough, the “Zelda” fan started recreating his original map from scratch using a mass of Lego bricks.

Recreation of the “Legend of Zelda” map

Roosma’s ambitious project has him using a website for Lego sellers called “Bricklink” to research the various bricks he’ll need to recreate the NES game.

To be more exact, the “Zelda” fan needs to get thousands of Lego blocks, including 1400 green cones, 1400 green cylinders. On top of that, he also used 2,800 1×1 brown round bricks and 2,8000 1×1 green round bricks for the two trees.

Zelda map made of 25,000 Lego bricks

(Photo: from Zelda Map Made of 25,000 Lego Bricks YouTube Video)
The NES fan “Legend of Zelda” has recreated his original map in Lego blocks.

Kotaku noted that the Lego project for the “Zelda” map took four months to complete and upload to YouTube.

The Lego version of the “Zelda” map is now 30 inches tall and 86 inches wide, which hangs on the wall of the fan’s house.

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Lego and NES “Zelda”

Previously, Lego officially dismissed the “Zelda” brick set in October 2021, along with other popular game titles such as Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing New Horizons,” according to a report from VG427.

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The Lego “Zelda” set is supposed to recreate Hyrule Castle in an official brick set, which was one of the submissions for Lego Ideas.

However, it was rejected. So, now we are left with the manual recreation of the “Zelda” map.

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