NES Zelda retro game sells for $ 4,000 thanks to rare ramen Sticker

A green clad warrior crouches in a fighting stance with a large sword and shield.

Picture: Nintendo / MobyGames

A rare Famicom Disk System copy of the original THE Legend of Zelda was recently bought for thousands of dollars, all because the disc has a sticker with the name of a popular brand of instant noodles.

As the Japanese game author and collector first pointed out Jironosuke then Tales of the Ascension main english translator Tom james, a Yahoo auction closed yesterday that saw the aforementioned action-adventure game variant sell for 453,000 yen (or roughly $ 3,966 as of this writing).

The only difference between this copy of the game and the normal version, however, is the presence of the logo for Myojo Foods Charumera Brand Ramen on the disc label.

A comparative image of two Legend of Zelda cartridges.

THE Legend of ZeldaThe original Famicom disc is on the left, while the Charumera version is on the right. Find the difference?
Picture: Nintendo / MobyGames / Gaming Alexandria / Kotaku

According to auction list and one super informative Alexandria Games investigation last year, the Charumera version of THE Legend of Zelda was awarded to 1,500 lucky participants in a 1986 lottery draw organized by Nintendo and the food company to celebrate the latter’s 20th anniversary. The competition also awarded Famicom and Famicom Disk Systems embossed with the name Myojo Charumera.

When the defenders of the game got wind of it Zelda variant in 2020, many wondered if the content of the Charumera version has been changed in any way. Alexandria Gamesdelves deep into the origins of the game (courtesy of a copy bought on eBay for $ 1,000) also showed that the underlying code was identical to the original version.

The only other copy of this brand of noodles Zelda I could find online was sold in 2016 for $ 1,500 by an eBay seller located in Spain. A picture shared by Location captions game in the wild saw it priced at 35,800 yen (or just around $ 313 USD) while others anecdotal reports claim it went even lower in previous online auctions and physical video game stores in Japan. Recent years, however, have seen a huge ascend in the prizes of valuable collectors of retro games.

is Charumera Zelda going to be the latest rarity draining the wallet for collectors? Probably not. But it’s funny that something as simple as a ramen logo on a sticker is enough to jack up the price even more.

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