New Animal Crossing trailer hints at possible New Horizons update



A new trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released in Japan. It looks super cute and shows a family enjoying the rainy season in the game.

However, that was not all. Honest customers of the game have spotted a few changes in the trailer that don’t exist in the game, but rather serve as limitations.

Nintendo may remove some limitations from the game as an update as soon as possible. Unfortunately, while these spark our creative curiosity, their fate might resemble the 4K screenshots Nintendo shared on the official Animal Crossing page, which didn’t represent anything substantial.

Trailer screenshots remove limitations in Animal Crossing

The screenshots seemingly break two limitations the game was built on. First, while players can plant trees and plants wherever they want, they cannot approach the edge of a body of water as seen in the trailer.

Players can
Players cannot place trees so close to each other (Image via Crossing Channel)

Second, in both screenshots, the trees are planted quite close to each other, which is another thing Animal Crossing players currently cannot get around.

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The reason behind this idea is quite simple. If the trees are planted too close to the body of water, by shaking, the fruits can fall into the body of water, making it difficult to retrieve them.

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This presents two different ideas. Firstly, the screenshots inserted into the trailer are from Nintendo’s Test Island, which implies that this is only a prototype and should not be taken at face value.

These limitations have been present in the game since day one (Image via GoNintendo)
These limitations have been present in the game since day one (Image via GoNintendo)

Secondly, it indicates an update in which players will finally get rid of the aforementioned limitations that have been present in the game since day one.

Nintendo has tried to keep things very subtle to make sure they don’t mislead ardent Animal Crossing followers.

Patience wears off, however, and each video raises expectations for something substantial.

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