New Prince of Tennis game coming to Nintendo Switch

A new visual novel king of tennis will be released for the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2022. The official title is The new prince of tennis Let’s Go!! ~The Daily Life~ of Rising Beat. As its name suggests, it will follow the continuum in The Prince of Tenniswhich takes place after the original series. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

You can watch the trailer for The new prince of tennis Let’s Go!! ~ Rising Beat Daily Life game here:

According to the trailer, the new The Prince of Tennis will follow the group of tennis boys competing in the Sportsman Hunting Deluxe. Although the name may sound extreme, it is essentially a team tennis competition. There will be “pair” endings between the various characters, though it’s unclear how many there will be in total.

The story of the game will change depending on your dialogue options. A total of 62 characters from the series will appear in this game, and it will follow an original story. The story will also be fully voiced. It’s kind of a spin-off The new prince of tennis Rising Beatwhich is available on mobile devices. Rising pace has you playing tennis against the other characters but in a rhythm game format.

The new prince of tennis Let’s Go!! ~The Daily Life~ of Rising Beat will be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan in the fall of 2022. There is no news regarding a localization yet.

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