Nintendo announces the closure of the Splatoon 2 online lounge from the Switch mobile app



It looks like Nintendo has started to shut down Splatoon 2 features as they prepare for the launch of Spatula 3 Next year.

In an article on their support page, Nintendo announced that it would be shutting down the Splatoon 2 Online lounge functionality in the Switch mobile app on July 28, 2021.

While most gamers may not have been aware of its existence, this feature allowed users to set up online matches by submitting a URL from their phone, which can be reached by friends from around the world. social networks.

Despite the removal of this feature, the Nintendo Switch app will still allow players with Splatoon 2 to communicate by voice as with all supported titles. Likewise, players can still compete against each other in local and online games without this feature.

Earlier this year, fans got a taste of what to expect. Splatoon 3 thanks to a trailer that Nintendo dropped during its Nintendo Direct presentation in February. Since then, there hasn’t been the most news regarding the game, and it is still awaiting a more specific release date in 2022.

One thing the trailer showed is that the next game in the franchise is expected to offer plenty of character customization options, and possibly another fun and fast-paced single-player experience to complement its multiplayer modes.

Although the app integration has been removed, it seems Splatoon 2 will keep slamming before the exit of Splatoon 3 Next year.


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