Nintendo appears to be reprinting 3DS games even though the handheld is discontinued

Nintendo seems to be quietly reprinting rare 3DS games over the past year as a seeming last hurrah for the now discontinued console.


After the Nintendo 3DS handheld console was discontinued in 2020, ending hardware production for a system that sold less than its best-selling predecessor, it was the beginning of the end of another era. It has now been revealed that Nintendo is quietly reprinting 3DS games in the UK and Europe.

The Nintendo 3DS was launched in 2011 with lackluster success compared to the original Nintendo DS console. The 3DS’ goal was to revolutionize the way handheld games were experienced with its stereoscopic 3D effect on the top screen. This screen showed specific 3DS games in 3D without the need for 3D glasses, and it had a slider to adjust the intensity of the effect. Nintendo has announced that it is ceasing production of the console in 2020, and e-Shops for Wii U and 3DS will close in 2023. However, hard copies of 3DS games are available at most game stores and are still available in digital form while the eShop is still open.


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Recently, gamers learned that Nintendo has apparently reprinted some 3DS games in Europe and the UK that were previously considered only available digitally. Twitter user pikuri posted images showing the telling difference between the original and game reprints being a narrower case game, similar to that found in Japan. The size difference is very subtle, but still noticeable. They have also published a list of hard to find titles that have been reprinted, examples are Fire Emblem: Awakening, Stella Glow, Kirby Planet Robobotand A brave omission.

The announcement of the official Nintendo 3DS discontinuation and the closure of the e-Shop next year is a big contributor to the 3DS game deprivation that many fans might feel as Nintendo focuses on the Switch and other things. This news of reprints popping up could lead to easier access to some games that have now become rare and more expensive to buy if found.

The most common DS and 3DS games can be found online and in retro game stores these days, but there are still titles that have become rare enough not to be found in stores and are overpriced online. Nintendo might try to undo that with these reprints, seemingly giving the 3DS one last hurrah in its legacy.

For Nintendo 3DS fans who still own a console and enjoy games on it, this is great news. Rare games might be a little easier to find these days, even with the end of the 3DS era officially ending in just under a year. 3DS fans will still be able to find previously hard-to-find titles as well as take advantage of the 3DS Online Store and sales while they still can.

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