Nintendo brings Pikmin Bloom, the all-new recreation from the makers of Pokémon Cross


It may already be downloaded for iOS and Android in Australia and Singapore, but it will arrive in Spain in the coming days.

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The group formed by Nintendo and Niantic continue to take action in the appropriate course. After the incredible luck with Pokémon Cross, which still lasts and continues to get updates, they came up with separate additional tasks, like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite regarding Niantic, but now they are a tandem again to triumph. the fanatics of a historic franchise.

We may be forced to attend, as its release may be postponedPikmin Bloom This is the new name for the cellular units that they have offered. The challenge was launched in March this year, but is being revealed these days in iOS and Android in some parts of the arena. For example, in Singapore and Australia it may already be downloaded, although in order to have it in Spain we will have to attend it a little longer, as its release could be phased.

The application tries announce healthy behavior of the participant by taking him through the streets of his city in search of the sympathetic characters of the Pikmin saga. These little colorful characters will accompany us on our journey, recreated in augmented reality and using geolocation, when he turns 20 since the newsletter of the first name in the sequence on GameCube.

It can be a quieter, more joyful proposition than Pokémon Cross.With a mixture of technique, assortment and discovery, Niantic encourages us to step away from the sedentary life deep down, to get up from the sofa and pass out to discover hand in hand with our cell. It’s not something as deep and big as Pokémon Cross, but it can be a calmer, more joyful proposition that can put saga fanatics in a good mood. To tell the truth, the staff Shigeru miyamoto is awaiting its construction.

As we upload stages, we will be able to give you the opportunity to watch our Pikmin flourish using the climax that we are acquiring, while also giving you the opportunity to create more. To remain a great memory of the enjoyment, we are allowed to write our day in a journal and take photos of our partners.

From time to time they will deliver postcards to us from the places we have visited, and we will share our adventure with more passionate players because of the social choices that sport helps. It will no longer advertise competitiveness like it does with Pokémon, but the goal is to create a delicious enjoy, meeting positive goals and amassing other treasures.

As we say, Pikmin Bloom will be loved too in Spain in the coming days via your obtaining detached on Google Play and the AppStore. The last installment in the franchise was once Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Transfer, which in a matter of months surpassed the gross sales of the single installment.

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