Nintendo Delights Fans With Apple Arcade’s Long-Lost Masterpiece

The Nintendo Switch has finally given access to one of the most anticipated games of all time, and fans are loving it! The franchise released the title on September 20, 2022, appealing to fans from different parts of the world.


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And instantly the game skyrocketed upon release as it also had some involvement with the Apple arcade. So if you are still wondering what we are referring to, it is none other than the mystical Wylde Flowers game.


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In 2017, Nintendo felt the gap between its users as they had to sit in the same place to play their favorite games. So, to reduce this gap and improve customer relations, the franchise launched its very first portable console, the Nintendo Switch.

It was a game-changing device in the gaming industry, as fans could play even if they were in any corner of the world. This greatly benefited the franchise as it generated massive revenue from its sales.

Apart from that, the franchise has also started focusing on adding more and more Switch titles, giving fans exclusivity in their purchase. And now they’ve added another title to their library, giving fans an Apple arcade marvel.

Nintendo surprises fans with popular Apple Arcade game for Nintendo Switch

For the uninitiated, “Wylde Flowers is a cozy living and farming sim with a twist of sorcery! Escape to a cute world of diverse people and magical spells as you and the clan solve a mystery! The Game features a female protagonist, Tara, who lands on this mystical island to help her grandmother on their family farm.


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While the game was initially limited to Apple users, the developers felt the need to expand rapidly. Studio Drydock, the Australian developer, has decided to launch them on PC and Nintendo Switch, entering the big leagues.

This massive shift in thinking came right after the company received its award for Best Apple Design for Inclusiveness on Apple Arcade. And now you might be wondering what makes the game so special, right?

Well, the game is one of the first to attempt to introduce LGBTQ-friendly characters, allowing every player to choose casually from the library. This is one of those titles where you can simply take a break from your busy schedule and relax in the soothing atmosphere of the mystical land.


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“Coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms is the dream we set for ourselves with Wylde Flowers, and it’s a natural home for our game. We look forward to bringing this experience to more players and sharing the world we have created for them, explained the creative director of Studio Drydock.

So, with the massive release on Nintendo Switch and Steam, the franchise will be eagerly waiting to add exciting updates for the same.


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What do you think about this? Have you tried Wylde Flowers on Nintendo Switch? Or were you a fan since the title was available on Apple Arcade?

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