Nintendo Entertainment Podcast Episode 238 The World Ends With An Error Code


Back from the break, the Nintendo Entertainment podcast is back! And with them come various stories of luck, love, heartache and frustration!

First off, the guys are talking about their recent gaming experiences. Tyler has played the title known as CrisTales and has a lot to say about what makes this game great! Meanwhile, Will has almost completed the main challenges of Ring Fit Adventure and enjoyed other titles as well! Finally, Todd played two games via Monster Hunter Stories 2 and NEO The World Ends With You! Find out how one game satisfied him, while another gave him a record high and crushing low!

Then in the news, Monster Hunters Stories 2 ships a million units, Nintendo seems to indicate the Pro is NOT coming out, Reggie Fils-Aime is making a book about his journey to Nintendo, Earthbound 64 was almost a thing, and more !

Finally, during the main event, the guys take a look at a trending gaming meme and reveal their games which fall into various categories like “Best Fight”, “Favorite Art Style“, and more!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment podcast!

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