Nintendo games with the best world construction

Nintendo has provided gamers and fans with memorable landscapes, stories, characters and worlds. It may surprise many Nintendo fans that all of its greatest global builds don’t just fall under big titles such as Mario, Kirby, Star Fox, Splatoon, etc

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Some of the best world builds are pretty obvious, some less obvious. In this context, worldbuilding means the depth of creative effort Nintendo has put into creating every aspect of its unique and immersive game worlds, from past to present and culture. Even the simplicity behind a world can give players something extra. Other times, fans may find themselves engrossed in something far more epic or just plain weird.


ten golden sun

Both golden sun and its sequel Golden Sun: The Lost Age, introduced Game Boy Advanced players to the world of Weyard. It is the mission of a group of magicians to prevent alchemy from spreading throughout the world. The game was full and rich filled with memorable environments.

For a portable game, a lot of details have been given about the history of ancient magic users in this world. As well as the different cultures or inhabitants of Weyard. Players may lament when encountering ruins of ancient great civilizations, which only deepens the significance of what is at stake in this world. Not only that, like many well-executed RPGs like Final Fantasy, it puts a lot of detail into exploration and keeps players invested in what can then be discovered.

9 donkey kong country

donkey kong country the world-building is amazing because of its simplicity. The story is simple, in an absurd way that is completely endearing. The whole plot of the story is Donkey Kong and his nephew Diddy on a quest to save his banana treasure from King K. Rool. The simplicity and absurdity of the plot make the side-scrolling world immersive in a charming way.

The mini-games and mechanics added to this world set it apart from platform titles of the time. Yet with donkey kong country even when the world revealed itself to players, there was always a hidden secret waiting to be discovered. The fact that this was a game built from variable nonsense is what resonated with players and drew them in.

8 Pokemon Series

The story of the key character who turns 10 and receives his first starter Pokemon and then is sent out into the world to become a Pokemon Master would have already been dry. He does not have. While the typical Pokemon narrative is indeed formulaic, certain aspects of these games keep players immersed. One thing it does brilliantly is reinvent a new experience (albeit with the same narrative) by creating unique and different lands to explore.

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In a way, players sometimes like to go back to the same experience, but can relive it with new surprises in different environments and different Pokémon directories. Currently the new addition of open worlds which was briefly tampered with in Pokémon Sword and Shield as good as Arceus, gives players a glimpse of how personal and open-ended experience in this world can be. And how it only scratched the surface.

Either way, gamers and fans come back to experience the unique trope, beautiful cities, catchy music, and new pocket monsters time and time again, because sometimes formulaic world-building works in the game’s favor. personal experience and nostalgia.

seven The zombies ate my neighbors

One of the best games to come out of LucasArts was 1993 The zombies ate my neighbors. It was a wonderful homage to classic horror and b-movie sci-fi. The player could play as Zeke or Julie. Their mission? To rid their town and save their neighbors from zombies, possessed dolls, chainsaw killers and giant babies. Yes…giant babies. The world-building is brilliant because of the homages and nonsense.

The most compelling thing outside of the dark humor was how the gameplay blended together to heighten the humor while making players feel panicked and in states of emergency. After all, one of the main goals is to rescue as many neighbors as possible while completing the main mission a player is tasked with. It was a world that could be hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Few games can do that. Especially for the time it was out.

6 Fire Emblem: 3 Houses

In Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, 3 ruling powers begin in peace and stand on the brink of conflict in the lands they share. Worldbuilding leaves players with choices that impact the rest of the gameplay. One of them, the player must start by choosing which of the 3 ruling lands he is part of. It’s a simple choice with far-reaching consequences for the rest of the game.

Whereas Fire Emblem Awakening still holds as one of the best new iterations of the series, Fire Emblem: 3 Houses presents itself as a bit better in line with the world-building. The reason is simple. There is more simulation. Simulation generally bodes well for RPGs because it simply allows players to become more immersed in the role-playing experience.

5 Gaia’s Illusion

Gaia’s Illusion Supposedly takes place in the 16th century / Age of Exploration. Players take on the role of Will, a survivor of an ill-fated expedition. Will encounters a creature named Gaia warning him of a comet that will bring great evil to the world.

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Players were won over not only by the story, but also by the familiar sights of real ancient places. It’s still a fantasy world, but fans of the show still have their speculations. By the end of the game, the building of the cryptic world didn’t stop there. Much of it has been left to interpretation, which itself has created great intrigue for fans of the show with the simple mysteries surrounding it.

4 Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate

Yes, Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate begins with the typical plot of rescuing the princess after Princess Peach makes the grave mistake of not reading the play and talking to a strangely hooded stranger who offers her a strange item. Along with the goal of rescuing the princess, Mario discovers a secret map that will lead him to collect various star crystals. The story is silly and typical but in a way that’s delightful.

Moreover, it has something more than a typical mario Game. The world building is much more whimsical and the 2D animation is just stunning to watch. This is mario but more fantasy-focused and less platform-focused and RPG-focused. Back to the Super Nintendo Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996). It was honestly a huge breath of fresh air for gamers when the game debuted on GameCube. And taking an amazing and beautiful turn in the world of mario RPG.

3 the trigger of a stopwatch

the trigger of a stopwatch was THE game that traveled well in time. Time travel isn’t just a subplot among bigger things, it has to do with EVERYTHING in this wondrous experience. Players can travel to prehistoric times, medieval times, and places where the end times are approaching.

The game begins in the year 1000 AD while the character Chrono is at a festival. At the end of the day, he and his companion were taken to the year 600 AD. From there, Chrono must rebalance time. Besides the time travel tropes which are incredibly well done, the environments in this title are incredibly immersive and the people players encounter are unforgettable. Plus, time travel is cool.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a strange choice Breath of nature. In a way, it made the world a little better. Certainly not in scope, but in ideas. This is not the typical story of rescuing the princess that is expected of others Zelda Games. It’s more complex than that. A few months after the events of Ocarina of time, Link finds himself in the land of Termina. What’s stranger, the town is filled with familiar faces from the land of Hyrule. Whether to raise more questions or for programming convenience, fans continue to speculate and create theories to this day.

Anyway, the whole game takes place in 3 days before a terrifying moon collides and destroys Termina, and maybe more. Players find themselves in a constant time loop reliving the same 3 days over and over. It’s brilliant and perhaps the darkest iteration of the Zelda series. Creating a whole new world outside of Hyrule with countless things to do with precious time to do it really raised the stakes for this game.

Moments when the moon is about to hit the earth, leaving the player to play the song of time to save them from total annihilation, are just different from fleeing from a nighttime horde of zombie stalfos. It just hits harder and different. The game to this day has a lot of deeper meanings that fans are still debating to this day. not something breath of the wild can do as speculation.

1 Earthbound

In Tied to the ground, Ness, 13, discovers that a strange meteor has crashed into his hometown in the middle of the night. The fate of the world is in the hands of Ness who must collect several melodies in order to defeat an evil alien entity before it takes over the world. A little like Zombies ate my neighbors, Earthbound was also brilliant for its strangeness and black humor. Yet it goes beyond that. Despite its weird plot, the story is absolutely brilliant due to its eccentricities and parody of American consumerism.

Whether it’s battling aliens or battling a pile of vomit, the world never gets boring. Additionally, Ape Inc, which led Tied to the ground, had close ties with Pokemon and its developer Game Freak. For fans of both series, there was something that felt like an inside joke when entering the pharmacy of Earthbound buy pills or weapons easily rather than going to a Poke-Mart and buying more innocent items. Seeing the parallels only adds to the charm of the game itself.

Which was of course not intentional, but rather implemented for convenience and simplicity. Despite this, aliens aren’t the only threat Ness and her gang have to deal with. There are gangs, police, cults and angry animals. Don’t forget the offensive orb of vomit. The final boss is also worth mentioning and at the same time probably not worth mentioning, it’s so terrifying.

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