Nintendo officially closes its Redwood City and Toronto offices


Nintendo is closing offices in Redwood City, Calif. And Toronto, Canada, the company confirmed in a statement to The edge. Kotaku reported the Redwood City office close earlier on Friday.

Here’s the company’s full statement on the decision:

Nintendo of America’s corporate headquarters are in Redmond, WA, and Vancouver, BC. We are moving more of our employees and operations to these headquarters and will be closing small satellite offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Redwood City, California over time.

Devon Pritchard, Executive Vice President, Commercial Affairs and Publisher Relations for Nintendo of America (NOA), will assume interim leadership of sales, marketing and communications following the departure of Nick Chavez. Ms. Pritchard will oversee the strategy and execution of sales, marketing and communications in the United States and Canada.

Kotaku reports that about 100 employees have been relocated to the Redwood City offices as a result of the decision. Nintendo declined to comment when we asked how many employees would be affected by the move, but its statement above suggests that some employees may be able to relocate. We don’t know why the offices are closed.

The Redwood City office is always marked on a map of Nintendo’s office locations on the company’s employment website. “Here you’ll find the sales and marketing departments, as well as NMI, a dedicated merchandising field team that works with retail stores across the country,” a description reads. The Toronto office is also still on site, described as a “sales office for NOCL”.

Earlier today, there were no open positions listed for the Redwood City location, even the company appears to have had an open role for a “specialist, experiential marketing” just two days ago, according to the reports. Google caches.

Redwood City does not have open roles.

Since the Redwood City office was focused on sales, marketing, and merchandising, this is unlikely to affect the development of Nintendo games or hardware. Most of Nintendo’s games are developed overseas, although it also has developer Retro Studios in Texas.

The shutdown comes just weeks after the launch of the Nintendo Switch with an OLED display and Terror Metroid, one of the biggest Nintendo games of the year.

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