Nintendo should reintroduce transparent colored hardware


Nintendo doubles the nostalgia for the N64, and it looks like bringing back transparent hardware would be the perfect way to continue the trend.

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The future of Nintendo Switch looks pretty bright. The console has a solid lineup of titles released in the last few months of 2021, and as previews of the Nintendo Switch OLED model begin to make their way onto the internet, it looks like Nintendo is in a good position for now. Even nicer is the fact that the company announced on the last Nintendo Direct that some N64 titles will be coming to the Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online service. While it’s all well and good to bring back old games, especially from a preservation standpoint, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Nintendo to reintroduce something else from the N64 era: transparent colored hardware.

Clear plastic for tech was the big trend that all hardware manufacturers were jumping on. From iMac controllers to PS2 controllers, it seemed like colored clear plastic was everywhere, and Nintendo hardware was no exception. Nintendo’s clear official controllers seemed to disappear completely after the GameCube, however, but the current N64 revival should see the return of transparent-colored hardware for the Switch.

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Nintendo returns to the N64 era


While it often receives criticism for taking advantage of it, Nintendo is the master of nostalgia in the games industry. The return of Nintendo 64 games for the Switch has done wonders in capitalizing on the love that much of the gaming community has for the titles they played when 3D games first became available on the PCs. living room consoles. Many people remember the controllers they had when they first played these games, and due to the popularity of transparent hardware, fans are most likely to use transparent controllers.

Bringing back this kind of colorful material would do a lot for fans who have used it in the past, and might even appeal to young fans looking to experience the N64 in more ways than just playing the titles. If Nintendo really wants to get the most out of bringing N64 games to Switch, then it should do more than just port the games and introduce a Switch-compatible N64 controller. It seems like a simple way for the business to please fans while enjoying it at the same time.

Fans love the color options and the transparent material is fun


In recent years, console makers have placed more emphasis than ever on custom hardware. With the options offered to consumers by things like the Xbox Design Lab or the many Joy-Con color options available, it’s clear that gaming fans are looking for more ways to express themselves through their hardware. While the Switch offers plenty of color options for fans, Nintendo hasn’t introduced a new color lineup in quite some time outside of game-specific limited editions. If a whole new lineup of Joy-Cons was announced, all of them were transparent, they would likely fly off the shelves because, at the end of the day, clear material is just a lot of fun.

Fans love to be able to see inside their material to observe the different characteristics of each part. Plus, the colorful options are reminiscent of retro games that many Nintendo fans are nostalgic for. Xbox introduced a semi-transparent controller to celebrate Forza Horizon 5, and fans never tire of it because of its retro look. With a bit of luck, Nintendo is bringing back transparent controllers albeit in limited capacity, as it looks like the demand is definitely there for them within the gaming community.

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