Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack May Include Exclusive Game Demos

Nintendo’s decision to release a more expensive expansion pack level for the Nintendo Switch online (NSO) has been controversial, to say the least. Many fans have already questioned the quality of NSO’s internet and the drip feeding of the NES and SNES games that are supposed to be exclusive perks. Raise the price to around $ 50 for individuals in exchange for access to limited N64 and Sega Genesis libraries, as well as Animal crossing: new horizonsHappy home paradise DLC, was not enough to appease them.

The Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack preview trailer had over 100,000 dislikes on YouTube as of October 31, 2021, and as of this writing, it’s approaching 190,000. It’s clear that Nintendo has to do it. more if it wants to justify the higher prices for its online service. Really improve the Internet quality of the Switch for games like Super Smash Bros. Would definitely help, but it looks like the company is more interested in add-ons for subscribers. That being the case, making NSO-exclusive game demos could be a solid selling point.


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Attract New Customers to Nintendo Switch Online

Terror Metroid

The games that get a demo on the Nintendo Switch have varied over the years. Some proprietary titles like Pikmin 3 Deluxe and third-party titles like Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Where Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity have released demos that offer hardware benefits. These perks include things like a new game mode in Pikmin 3, or the progress carried over to the main game if players decide to buy it – which they are probably more inclined to do after enjoying the demo.

By making some demos exclusively available through NSO, it could be argued that Nintendo is adding a price tag to what should be free giveaways. However, Nintendo needs more ways to promote its service, and additional giveaways for specific games is certainly one avenue it could take. Since the company is already making some weird marketing decisions such as releasing a Terror Metroid Demo weeks after the game’s release, using demos as fodder to attract customers to NSO wouldn’t be a stretch.

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Neo's Neku: The World Ends With You

When deciding which games should get demos through NSO and which should be open to the public, the clear answer would be to make Nintendo’s proprietary games exclusive. Third-party developers would definitely prefer their games to be in front of as many eyes as possible before launch to increase word-of-mouth marketing. Meanwhile, it would make sense for Nintendo to use demos for early console vendors like Terror Metroid attract people to its own paid online service.

Yet there is also room for some overlap. Earlier this month, Switch Online subscribers got access to a free trial of The world ends with you: final mix, which lasts until November 23 and comes with a 30% discount in the Switch eShop. Even though this trial began months after the launch of its sequel NEO: The world ends with you (also 30% off), it’s clear to see how developer Square Enix would benefit from the increased exposure.

If Nintendo and Square Enix went from a completely open free trial to something like a limited demo for The world ends with you, it could easily be incorporated into NSO’s standing offerings alongside NES, SNES, N64, and Genesis games. By extending this idea to other partnerships, it seems obvious to both increase the value of Nintendo Switch online and extend the marketing channel without including an end date like in a free trial. If Nintendo’s strategy to justify the expansion pack is to “just add more”, exclusive demos are one avenue to consider.

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