Nintendo Switch Sports servers are currently down, with no return date in sight

Nintendo Switch Sports’ the servers are currently offline, as a bug in the latest update is causing the game to crash.

Earlier this week, Nintendo of America’s Twitter account posted a tweet informing players that it would be taking down servers to investigate an issue with Nintendo Switch Sports. “A bug was found in the Nintendo Switch Sports Ver1.2.1 update that causes the software to close during the pre-game loading screen,” the tweet read. “This unfortunately affects both online and offline game modes, so we have temporarily suspended the rollout of this update.”

In a follow-up tweetNintendo continued “While we investigate to find a solution, the Nintendo Switch Sports servers will be temporarily taken offline and online play will not be available during this time. Saving save data is also temporarily suspended. We apologize. sincerely for the inconvenience caused.”

Nintendo first reported the bug on October 14, and didn’t say when it planned to bring the servers back online, or provide an update on how things are progressing.

Switch Sports has continuously updated the game since its launch, such as last summer when it added new volleyball moves, leg strap support for football matches, as well as adding an S rank and an Infinity rank in the Pro League.

Nintendo Switch Sports’ review of VG247 viewed the game very favorably, giving it four out of five stars, saying “You can see how Nintendo could have done more and included more new stuff. And yet… Nintendo Switch Sports is pretty much exactly what I wanted. I can see how it would be one of my absolute favorite games of the year. That’s Nintendo’s magic power.

Switch Sports was a bit of a surprise, as it came out some time after the original Wii Sports, which Nintendo took the time to explain the reasoning behind in May.

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