Nintendo Switch’s best hidden gems to play right now

For those not interested in the upcoming offers that will be distributed later this month, the nintendo switch has some hidden gems that haven’t been discovered in too long. The hybrid console has been hanging on for about five years and shows no signs of slowing down. However, many minor games are being ignored amid the onslaught of marios, Zeldas, and other Nintendo IPs that dominate the system. Several smaller games have received a tremendous amount of love and work and have tended to get lost in the mix of system vendors that fans typically expect.

The Nintendo Switch has gained notoriety as a new indie discovery tool that put previously released Steam games into the mainstream (literally). Games like the unique Metroidvania hollow knightwhich recently had its sequel song of silk announced, was a runaway success on the Nintendo Switch, so much so that the game is no longer considered a minor indie title by industry standards. Additionally, indie games generally run very well on the Switch, achieving stunningly high frame rates on the portable display. While reviewers might argue that many of these games can end up on mobile devices, the sheer number of phones on the market, unlike a Switch being a dedicated gaming machine, mostly renders that point moot.


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However, as wonderful as the console may be and as massive of a mainstream install base as robust as the Nintendo Switch, these hidden gems often struggle to be discovered on Nintendo’s new online storefront. This list was designed to try to highlight games that work and feel right at home on Nintendo’s hybrid console, focusing on several different genres to ensure something for everyone. Many of these titles usually go on sale at big summer and fall events, so it’s easy to pick up some cheap – it’s worth gamers wanting some if there’s a passing interest. .

Nintendo Switch Beat-Em-Up fans will love the TakeOver

The Nintendo Switch takeover

The revival of the modern side-scrolling beat-em-up has arrived, and more quality choices are available on the Nintendo Switch every day. With massive hits like Streets of rage 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge released to great critical and financial acclaim. For those still looking to scratch that classic itch, a little gem known as The takeover was released in 2019. Anyone calling for the return of killer instinct will immediately snap to the in-game animations. The in-game characters all look like motion-capture-style live action figures with a coat of paint that makes them look like HD versions of the characters from the classic fighter.

Players can tackle The takeover solo or co-op across multiple action-packed locations as they go from combo-heavy action stages to wild intermissions like a Exceed-themed car battle level. The music is led by big names in the industry, including Sega veteran Yuzo Koshiro (of streets of anger fame) and guitarist Stephen “Little V” Mills. They will allow players to bounce and headbutt well into their second or third games.

Platformers and Sonic fans should play Freedom Planet on Nintendo Switch

Liberty Planet Nintendo Switch

A true tribute to sonic the hedgehog and action platforms of their time, Planet Liberty is a Sega Genesis-like game with high-speed side-scrolling action/platforming that offers a solid single-player experience. Choosing from one of three distinct playable characters, players will traverse beautiful pixel art environments that feel like they’re straight out of the Sega Genesis era. The main protagonist, Lilac, controls herself similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog as she dashes and jumps at enemies and battles colossal bosses that feel like direct homages to games like Gunstar Hero with their unique 3D animations. Moreover, the game offers two main modes, adventure and arcade.

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The adventure puts players through the main story as they attempt to save their homeworld from an alien invasion, including full voice acting and a narrative that, while not the most engaging, remains a charming attempt at an indie game. Arcade mode is similar to the recently released mode Sound originsas Planet Liberty is distilled at its core as an entire adventure of 14 areas from level to level without interruption. Finally, for those who Planet Liberty resonates with, it has a sequel which has been in development for years – at the moment the sequel is still slated for release later in 2022.

DOOM fans must try DUSK on Nintendo Switch

Twilight Nintendo Switch

Originally released on PC in 2018, DUSK is the ultimate love letter to retro first-person shooter and LOSS Fans. Taking on the role of a treasure hunter in Dusk, Pennsylvania, players are tasked with battling demons, soldiers, and cultists as they make their way through abandoned factories, dark woods, and caves wet. Lovingly recreated by the core team and published by New Blood Interactive, the Switch version of DUSK feels like a real modern LOSS backtracking and has multiple difficulty modes and additional features that lower the barrier to entry for players of any experience level. Moreover, the team has put in incredible efforts to make the game fantastic on the Nintendo Switch. The experience is terrific, grounded and portable, with a steady 60 FPS. Gamers looking for a spooky time should also plug in a pair of headphones to enjoy the excellent sound design and music – courtesy of Eternal DOOMDLC composer Andrew Hulshult.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon is perfect for puzzle fans on Nintendo Switch

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Switch

It may seem odd to refer to indie darling shovel knight like a hidden gem, but Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon came to quietly settle in the Nintendo eShop last year despite critical praise from multiple outlets. Players taking control of various Pocket Dungeons characters from the shovel knight franchise will navigate a series of dungeons across a map as they smash blocks and enemies, maintain health, and upgrade stats and powers. The game uses roguelite elements, as seen in underworld, where collected gems allow players to add items to the game’s stash permanently, so subsequent dungeon runs become easier. The beautiful pixel art the series is known for is polished and even more colorful and vibrant than before, and the music is once again good enough that players will probably want to turn it up as they escape the dungeon. . Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon is unlike previous games, and its seemingly endless replayability will have players saying “just one more run” until the wee hours of the morning.

Contra and Castlevania fans must play Steel Assault on Nintendo Switch

Originally designed as a Kickstarter game, Steel Assault was finally released on the Nintendo eShop in late 2021. The game’s original design was to be a closer tie-in with mega man and Batman games on the NES. Yet, as it stands, it looks much more like a modern Contra/Castlevaniacomplete with full sci-fi post-apocalyptic themes. Steel AssaultThe evolution of is truly amazing, as a look at the original concept trailer on Kickstarter reveals a dramatic shift in gameplay and design philosophies since the initial reveal. Players will rush through a continuous series of levels that blend seamlessly, like Sonic 3 and Knuckles refurbished on Sound origins recently.

The controls in Steel Assault are fluid and responsive, and the combat is fast and frenetic. Additionally, the bosses are screen-consuming robotic beasts and vehicles with stunning detail. With both a more laid back story mode and a unique lifetime arcade mode, fans looking for a challenge from yesteryear or just a fun action arcade title will find something to like here. These are just a few of the stellar hidden gems deep within the nintendo switch eShop, and each is worth checking out.

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