Nintendo Transfer to get SEGA Megadrive six-button controller in Japan



Ecu customers will be able to quickly purchase the legendary transfer console.

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Probably the most surprising bulletins of the day before Nintendo Direct were once the claim that the classics of N64 and Mega Power on Transfer landed online with an extra per 30 days fee, information that was once accompanied by the presentation of 2 orders. for the oriental gadget, one dedicated to the Nintendo 64 and the other to the SEGA console. The latter in Europe will arrive with 3 buttons, while in Japan it will do so with six.

With this approach, the western market will be more efficient in being able to buy the legendary SEGA console in retail outlets as usual, being more efficient in Japan the so-called Preventive block 6B that the folks at Sonic launched about 30 years ago in retail outlets. No main point had been shared on the cause of this choice, although they keep in mind in Nintendo Lifestyles that it has already happened like this with the release of SEGA Mega Power Mini in 2019.

Customers are also currently showing their dissatisfaction with the large additional 30-day subscription for Nintendo Transfer Online so you can experience these classics. This will be available from October and may grant access to Eternal Works such as Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Golden Ax and many more, along with additional video games. which will be launched in the long term months.

Returning to the controls of the Nintendo 64 and the SEGA Mega Power, it will arrive in points of sale in Europe and the North of the United States at a value of 49.99 euros / dollars each. We do not know if there will be thematic editions, which are fairly common at all times within the Nice N programs. In the meantime, you can take a look at the various information left to us by Nintendo Direct, such as the presentation of a brand new trailer for Bayonetta 3 after several years of silence.

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