Other Final Fantasy Games Deserving The FF7 Remake Treatment

Although its development cycle was long and tumultuous, Final Fantasy 7 Remake released in the spring of 2020 to immediate critical acclaim thanks to its faithful setting, unpredictable storytelling, and simply fantastic combat system. It’s by no means a replacement for the 1997 original, but rather an all-new journey for Cloud Strife and company that has a handful of familiar story beats that really appeal to nostalgia. By deviating somewhat from the storytelling of the game that inspired it, Square Enix has forged a game that will hopefully stand the test of time in the same way.


By flexing its muscles, Square Enix has shown it can reinvent and revive beloved characters. They are often at the center of everything Final Fantasy the game’s charm, so many fans are speculating which games in the 35-year-old series should get the same treatment as Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There are so many options available, from mainline games that have built solid reputations to spin-off titles that simply deserve more love. Final Fantasy doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon and will likely always look to the future, but the 2020 remake of a classic shows there’s so much potential in the past.

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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 7 was the series’ first foray into 3D movement and polygonal character models, and pairing its groundbreaking graphics with a stellar and memorable story landed it into the franchise’s list of gamer favorites. However, gamers of a certain age will look to its predecessor with more affection, as it pushed the hardware of its native Super Nintendo to the very limit of its power. Its sprites were more refined than ever and the inventive ways in which Final Fantasy 6 managed to remain exceptional despite releasing on older hardware is a testament to Squaresoft’s quality as a JRPG studio.

The recent Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy 1-6 were welcomed by fans, but in the shadow of the visual and technical masterpiece that was Final Fantasy 7 Remake it was like a consolation prize. Many will say that Final Fantasy 6 is as good as its successor. Its diverse cast of heroes, menacing villains, genuinely unpredictable story, and proven combat system made it the cutting edge of the game. Final Fantasy iceberg when it launched in North America in late 1994. Terra, Locke, Shadow, and Celes deserve a makeover, as it might lead new fans to a story that might be even better than the one Cloud is getting into with Avalanche.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Although it exists outside of the main series, Final Fantasy Tactics is revered by those who lived his story all those years ago. Its design formula is wildly different from other PS1 RPGs at the time, opting instead to use a grid-based map and stats that are determined by each unit’s job class. It is a strategic role-playing game while the other Final Fantasy projects relied on faster, more fleeting turn-based combat to see players progress through the story. It is quite clear that games like golden sun and Triangle strategy are directly inspired by Final Fantasy Tacticsso it’s confusing that the spinoff series has been so dormant for so long.

The Final Fantasy Tactics the property has not been used since 2008, with Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo DS being the last of them. Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the next The DioField Chronicle prove that there is a growing interest in strategy RPGs, so now is the best time for the best series in the genre to make a comeback. The lion war was a fantastic remaster of the base game for the PSP, but even that didn’t make its way to modern hardware. Final Fantasy Tacticsthe immense quality of means that he must reappear as soon as possible, and give him full Final Fantasy 7 Remake treatment would be the ideal return.

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Final Fantasy 8

While he has a band of loyal followers, Final Fantasy 8 is the inconsistent midpoint of the three PS1 releases in the series. Whereas FFseven was a near-perfect transition into the 3D era of gaming and wielded a story for the ages and FF9 felt like a beautiful result of Square Enix’s tireless efforts with the hardware, Final Fantasy 8 was perhaps the most struggling game of any title in the franchise so far. Some fans and critics thought Squall was a boring, monosyllabic, and rather crude protagonist and the goofy story felt far less grounded than its predecessor. Fans expected more, and while the developer has shown it can handle the pressure to redo something beloved, it should now be looking to redeem something that isn’t.

Of all the major 3D games, FF8 is the one that most needs a makeover. A remaster of Final Fantasy 8 on modern consoles did well to remind existing fans why they loved it in the first place, but it also confronted the reservations of people who disliked it, and few saw their opinion changed by the project. Revising the confusing join system, giving Squall a bit more depth, and adding the same combat system as Final Fantasy 7 Remake might be the best way to give Final Fantasy 8 a chance for universal adoration.

chocobo race

Before the emergence of the riddled microtransaction CU of chocobosonly a handful of gamers will even remember the existence of chocobo race on the original PlayStation. This era of consoles had no shortage of kart games, Diddy Kong Race on the Nintendo 64 at crash team racing, and as the latter received a full remake, all bets are off as to what games in the genre might come next.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro powered was well received, keeping enough of the original formula to feel nostalgic but offering more content and customizable options to give it a new look. chocobo race may not be vital to the tissue of Final Fantasybut the renewed interest in kart racers – new and old – could prove that a remake of chocobo race would be worth it. CU of chocobos is a wayward step in the right direction, but a remake of the first game could absolutely be the right move.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is available now on PC and PS5.

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