Our mini-loans on the internet, the best!

There are still many friends who do not know the possibilities that mini-loans offer on the internet.

minicréditos para tablets y smartphones

Today we invite you to know the characteristics of our platform that continues to grow day after day.

A professional team for your online mini-loans

We work with a lot of professionals from different branches, from our central team, the contact section, our legal team or friends from social networks and our blogs that give you the opportunity to meet our mini-loans on the internet day after day with your post and solving all the debts you may have. It is important that you know that at all times you can check the status of your requests and that the transparency of our digital mini-loans is one of our pillars.

Quick, legal and simple mini-loans

The fear that exists around financial products is understandable and more so after a financial crisis like the one that shook Spain. Today, banks and platforms like ours offer different financial loans. Mini-loans on the internet are one of the most consumed products and that is with a legal team like ours behind your requests, you should not fear for nothing. With these three characteristics, our mini-loans are increasingly in demand and we are still working to make them fast, legal and simple. As simple as getting them in 3 steps, read on!

Miniloan in 3 steps

Mini-loans on the internet became fashionable due to different characteristics, but we have continued working to get even better reasons to convince you. The first and most important is that you can get your mini loans in 3 steps. You just have to enter our website to fill in a super small form and decide on quantity and terms. Wait for the OK of our central team. Once you have a green light on your request, you will receive the money in the bank account in a matter of minutes. This is because we are aware of the needs of our customers and the faster the better for everyone. Advantages of mini-loans on the internet …


A debt of 10 euros is not the same as 50,000 euros. And that is precisely why we believe that having debts is not a reason to deny your requests. In Harry Angstrom.es we analyze each request to know if they are acceptable or not, and that is the same thing that we do when analyzing your debts . This means that if your debts have nothing to do with banking entities we could accept it. Many people have a small mess with their telephone line, with the payment of a fee for a product or simply a payment made that has not arrived or has been blocked, so we believe that not all debts are the same and that is what it does that our mini-loans on the internet are totally different from those of our competitors.

The Social Networks of our mini-loans on the internet

We are on Facebook and we are on Twitter , but the most important thing is that we are here to meet you, to discover our online financial services and to try to clarify your doubts. Do not stop asking or approaching any of these two channels to answer your questions. As we always say if you want to meet us or have you ever thought, ” I want a mini loan “, WE ARE ENCHANTED TO RECEIVE YOU!

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