Patrick’s Parabox on the way to Switch

Patrick's Parabox Switch

Draknek & Friends Puts Patrick Traynor’s Well-Received Puzzle Game Patrick’s Parabox On Light switch, the company announced. A release window has not yet been provided.

Here is an overview of the game with more information:

Patrick’s Parabox is an award-winning puzzle game that explores a unique recursive system of boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to manipulate the structure of the world by pushing boxes into each other. Agree on what happens when a box contains itself and learn how to use infinity to your advantage. Explore many more recursive mechanics and twists as you dive deeper and deeper into the system. It’s boxes all the way down.

The game features over 350 hand-crafted puzzles designed to make you think, but also to guide you and showcase the beauty of the system. Each puzzle contains a new idea; there is no filler.

A soothing and curious soundtrack and sound design by Priscilla Snow reflects the new mechanics as they are introduced.

Patrick’s Parabox won the Outstanding Design Award at the 2020 Indie Games Festival. The game was also a 2019 IndieCade festival entry and received the IndieCade Developers Choice award.

Take a look at the Patrick’s Parabox trailer below.

Patrick’s Parabox will be sold digitally through the eShop. The game will be released “soon” on the Nintendo console.

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