Persona’s 25th Anniversary Original Merchandise Now Available For Pre-Order

Atlus releases a special Character merch to celebrate its 25th anniversary, which began with Revelations: Persona in September 1996. The merchandise presents the protagonists of the five Character games, and they’re on everything from charm watches to mask covers and more. Pre-orders are now available in Japan on the T-Fan site.

Here is a preview of the new Character merchandise:

Character 25th anniversary charm watch

At first glance, it looks like a pocket watch, but it’s actually a “charm watch” that you can put around your wrists. The chain measures 270mm and the charm watch part measures 42mm. The price is set at 5,500 yen (~ $ 48.63).

Character 25th anniversary toiletry bag

Persona 25th Anniversary Merch Featuring the Protagonists Now Available for Pre-Order

The toiletry bag has a design with icons of each Character Set. Its dimensions of 150 x 100 x 50mm are a perfect small size to fit makeup and various knickknacks for 4,950 yen (~ $ 43.78).

Extra large personal cushions (5 in total)

Extra large personal cushions

These extra-large cushions feature the protagonists of each Character game (sorry, Persona 3 Portable FeMC). These cushions aren’t dakimakuras (body pillows), but they’re still quite large, measuring two feet long and three feet high for 11,000 yen (~ $ 97.26) each. It is certainly Character 25th anniversary merchandise that you won’t lose somewhere in your home.

Mini eco-friendly bag with storage pouch (3 in total)

Persona 25th Anniversary Merch Featuring the Protagonists Now Available for Pre-Order

These eco-friendly bags are the perfect size for bento boxes and beverage bottles. The bags are available in three varieties featuring Koromaru’s Persona 3, Teddie from Persona 4, and Morgane from Persona 5. In addition, they include mini sleeves with the faces of the characters inside. You can get them for 1,980 yen each (~ $ 17.50).

Mask Coverage (5 in total)

Mask cover

Enhance your masks with these Character mask covers. There are five in total, and each has the game’s school logo and color as a theme. You can get one for 1,540 yen (~ $13.61) each.

Compact mirror (5 in total)

Compact mirror

Finally, we have five compact mirrors that showcase the faces of Character protagonists on one side and the 25th anniversary logo on the other. They measure 70mm and are available for pre-order for 990 yen (~ $ 8.75) each.

The Character 25th Anniversary merchandise is now available for pre-order and will ship on April 25, 2022.


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