Play custom sound when opening/closing Galaxy Z phone with this app

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are two of the most popular foldable phones right now, with the former having a book-like design and the latter being a throwback to the flip phones of yesteryear. The unique form factors have inspired some cool mods, such as the CoverScreen OS app that transforms the Z Flip’s small outer display into a more functional main display. Now there’s another app available for foldable phones that adds a bit of fun to the experience.

A developer who goes by the name of “DenyTheFlowerpot” on GitHub has released an application called Scrunch, which can make a sound when a Galaxy Z Fold is opened or closed. The list of apps on F-Droid reads: “Your phone makes short sounds every time you fold or unfold it. Volume can be adjusted freely and silent/DND mode is automatically respected. Tested on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, should also work on other Folds.

There is also initial support for the Surface Duo, from version 0.2, and the video below by Joe Fedewa of CommentGeek shows that it works on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as well. It might be compatible with even more foldable phones – let us know in the comments if you get it to work on anything else. The app reminds me how some Nintendo DS games played a custom sound when you closed the console.

Srunch lets you choose a different sound effect for opening and closing, and the sounds can be any audio file. There is also a volume slider to change the volume of sounds. The only problem is that you have to manually grant the READ_LOGS permission via ADB, using the command below. If you don’t have ADB, we have a guide for that.

adb shell pm grant com.denytheflowerpot.scrunch android.permission.READ_LOGS

Srunch is available for download as an APK on the GitHub repository, or you can install it from the F-Droid app store. The app is not yet available on the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to make sure F-Droid gets updates (unless you want to check GitHub periodically).


Developer: Unknown

Price: To free

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s latest and greatest foldable phone, with high refresh rate displays and an under-screen camera.

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