Pokémon fan gifted hardwood Poké Ball made by 82-year-old grandfather

A Pokémon fan shared an image of the handcrafted hardwood Poké Ball they received as a Christmas present from their 82-year-old grandfather.

A Pokemon a fan recently took to Reddit to share a photo and video of hardwood Poke ball they received as a Christmas present from their grandfather. Considering the season, handcrafted Christmas gifts from iconic pop culture brands have been around for several days. A person received a God of the war The Leviathan Ax replica, for example, comes with glowing runes. That some also do their utmost to obtain Pokemon-themed gifts for loved ones come as no surprise.

A staple of pop culture from the last quarter of a century, Pokemon has infiltrated just about every medium of entertainment, including games. And as many are well aware, 2021 has been a particularly significant year for the franchise’s interactive adventures. In particular, the free MOBA Pokémon United hit store shelves for the Nintendo Switch in July, followed by its mobile release on Android and iOS in September. Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon hit the switch soon after, serving as remakes of two Nintendo DS classics – diamond and pearl.


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Reddit user Dizzy-Distribution-5 clearly made his love for Pokemon known to the family, as evidenced by a particular Christmas present they received. Redditor’s 82-year-old grandfather handcrafted a hardwood Poké Ball, which fits perfectly in the palm of Dizzy-Distribution-5’s hand. No doubt it would arouse envy even among the most famous Pokémon trainers. The fan shared a video and image of the hand-crafted Poké Ball; the former appears on Reddit, while the photo on Imgur showcases the placement of the ball on a small wooden display box. Check out both below:

In replies to the popular Reddit thread, Dizzy-Distribution-5 said it counts as a gift that will be dear to them for years to come. It’s easy to see why; craftsmanship Poke ball on its own, it deserves a special place on a shelf. Plus, receiving a craft gift from a grandparent is nothing if not incredibly sentimental.

Pokemon fans around the world have even more exciting content to look forward to in the New Year. Game Freak’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022, delivering an open-world action RPG experience that already draws comparisons to 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Of course, that latest title will be in the limelight next year as well, as long as its long-awaited sequel stays on track for the previously teased 2022 launch window.

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Source: Dizzy-Distribution-5 / Reddit, Imgur

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