Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Confirm New Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-orders for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet receive exclusive DLCs, although the bonus has yet to be officially announced.

pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be Nintendo’s biggest releases for the holiday season of 2022. Yet surprisingly little has been announced regarding the upcoming Pokemon securities. Details about pokemon scarlet and VioletThe starter Pokémon, their Legendary Pokémon, and their teachers have been confirmed, but there’s still a lot to reveal. A surprising unconfirmed detail is the bonus that will be included with pokemon scarlet and Purple‘s pre-order, something that now seems to have been shared early.


Generally, Game Freak and Nintendo will make an announcement about the pre-order bonus for each Pokemon Game. This announcement has not yet been made for pokemon scarlet and Purple, but it looks like fans won’t have to wait for a Nintendo Direct. On the official Pokemon Center website, a pre-order banner pokemon scarlet Where Purple appeared at the top of the page. The message “Bonus gift with purchase: digital code for an in-game backpack*” is included in this banner.

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At a time pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet, it is further confirmed that pre-orders will include the in-game accessory. Players will receive a backpack that can be worn in-game. However, the fine print indicates that the backpack design is not currently available and will be revealed at a later date. The backpack is confirmed to be a cosmetic and will not impact gameplay, so Pokemon fans won’t have to worry if they miss the bonus.

Another question that has yet to be answered is whether this pre-order bonus will be exclusive to the Pokemon Center store or not. Other retailers may have their own pre-order bonuses for pokemon scarlet and Purple, whether it’s a different piece of equipment or a different style of backpack. The pre-order listing on Amazon, for example, does not mention any pre-order bonuses at this time.

There is no clear indication when more information will be shared regarding pokemon scarlet and Violetpre-order bonuses. There’s speculation a Nintendo Direct could take place before the end of June, but there’s no guarantee pokemon scarlet and Purple would be presented even if a Nintendo Direct took place. Fans will just have to be patient.

At the very least, it’s safe to assume that the lore of cosmetic DLC is included as a pre-order bonus for Pokemon the games will continue with Pokemon scarlet and violet. For example, UK store ShopTo gave away orange tracksuits with a pre-order of Pokémon Sword Where Shield. Stay tuned for more information on pokemon scarlet and Purple in the weeks and months to come.

pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet out November 18 on Switch.

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