Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo Switch will not support transfers

Your beloved team of Pokemon cannot come with you, regardless of where you currently store them.

Nintendo held a Bumper Direct on Tuesday with so much information that you might have missed the new N64 games announced for NSO’s expansion pack. Pokemon Stages 1 and 2 were among them, but there was bad news in the fine print.

A small message appeared at the bottom of the screen revealing “Pokemon cannot be transferred to these games”. The original games allowed players to transfer their Pokemon teams from Game Boy titles to Stadium. You won’t be able to do this on Switch.

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Nintendo’s life pointed out the fine print after the fact, and Serebii’s Joe Merrick attempted to explain Nintendo’s decision. In order for Game Boy teams to become usable in Stadium, the game had to make frequent connections to the Transfer Pak on which the Pokémon were stored. This would mean the Switch would have to be constantly hooked up to a 3DS, a console some have suggested could be a solution since the old Pokemon games are on it.


Merrick then reminded Pokemon fans that online support for the 3DS would end in March anyway. The thread then goes on to explain why other suggested solutions probably wouldn’t work, such as bringing Pokemon Home into the mix. The conclusion is that transfers between Game Boy and Stadium games on NSO could be made in the future, but only if those original games are eventually added to the console’s online library.

It’s a very real possibility, of course, as there have been rumors of Game Boy titles coming to NSO for over a year. They were actually expected when Nintendo announced the expansion pack, but the Genesis got a library instead. For now, you’ll have to play Stadium without your trusty team of powerful Pokemon, but there’s hope if Game Boy games are ever added to the Switch.

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