Prince of Tennis is getting the Nintendo Switch adventure game in Japan

Publisher Bushiroad and developer HuneX have announced a new side story set in the world of The Prince of Tennis. New Prince of Tennis LET’S GO!! ~The Daily Life~ of RisingBeat is described as a “documentary adventure” by its creators. It features a fully voiced story that branches out in a whole new direction. A total of 62 characters are represented throughout the tale, including favorites from the manga.

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A Shonen Jump sports story that found most of its success in its home country, The Prince of Tennis covers the career of tennis prodigy Ryoma Echizen. He creates original tennis techniques to confuse his opponents throughout the original broadcast and The new prince of tennis, which picks up where the original left off. Beyond the manga, the manga has inspired a long-running anime, a pair of movies, and over fifteen musicals.

king of tennis is also no stranger to video game adaptations, with interactive versions of anime dating back to the days of the original PlayStation in Japan. These have ranged from simple story adaptations to more varied genres, including card-based deck builders and a recent mobile rhythm game.

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In addition to franchise spin-offs, Ryoma has also appeared in Jump Ultimate Stars, a legendary mashup between the various heroes of the many Shonen Jump franchises. None of the games have made it to the US, so English-speaking players will probably have to revise the kanji in order to see what LET’S GO!! ~The Daily Life~ of RisingBeat has to offer.

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