Project Buramoto is a semi-open 3D fantasy action adventure for Switch


Indonesian developer Ozysoft Studio announced Buramoto project with a Trailer, a high-fantasy 3D action adventure platformer game set to launch in late 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, with an alpha demo slated for Q4 2021. Details are scarce on the game right now, but it looks promising in its teaser. Buramoto project draws its influence from ‘traditional Borneo tales’ and focuses on the atmosphere, with minimalist storytelling. You will battle “mystical creatures” in the midst of a “magic-focused shooter” in semi-open world environments.

Prior to Buramoto project, Ozysoft posted Pulang: madness last year, a psychological horror game for PC based on a true story in Borneo. Borneo influence aside, this game seems to have nothing in common with this much brighter project. (Pulang: madness seems to have things in common with Borneo: a nightmare in the jungle, although.)

The world presented in the Buramoto project the trailer reminds me of the kinds of worlds seen in the Chronicles of Xenoblade games, except that this game probably does not take place on the backs of giant creatures. Either way, it might take a while before we get any substantial updates on this game, so put it back in your memory banks.


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