Random: Ex-Nintendo Employee Admits He Was ‘Really Worried’ About Leaked Saucy Waluigi Artwork

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s purple mischief-maker Waluigi created cheeky scenes last May when a new rendering of him holding a rose surfaced online. This same render was first shared during an episode of Nintendo Minute, and it looks like it actually caused some office drama even before the video was released.

During a question-and-answer session in the last episode of the Podcast Kit & Krysta, former Nintendo employee Kit revealed how “really worried” he was about featuring this render in Nintendo Minute. There isn’t really a story about its exact origin, but it’s official – and Kit was worried the video team might accidentally leak something really important or break an embargo.

Here is our transcript:

“So we made the video… of the Nintendo Switch [Lite]…there was the new color scheme – and whether it was blue or purple was the big debate…so we did kind of a color test with a lot of different things and I remember one of the people editing the video was like ‘oh our design team says they have this new Waluigi artwork they’ve just been waiting to release so we should use it’ – and we’re like yes it sounds great, and while they were editing the videos, and while we were watching the cuts, I was like ‘it’s really unusual that they just have this new art sitting’… like they still have a plan, it’s coming out here, it’s the date, and I’m like it doesn’t sound right. And I started to get really worried that we were making a terrible mistake… and we were going to be like a leak or like you know breaking an embargo for this piece of art so I was really preparing for that when this episode is got out. ..It’s just a random render…updated main characters”

Krysta, on the other hand, didn’t care because it was about Waluigi. So, there you have it, this render even came as a surprise to the folks at Nintendo’s US offices. What do you think of this unique work by Waluigi? Leave a comment below.

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