Random: Forget OLED Switches, PS5, and Xbox Series X – Transparent retro consoles are the must-have for 2021

Picture: Retro game restoration

Update: Our friends at Games Connection now have these cases in stock:

Original story [Mon 15th Mar, 2021 09:35 GMT]: In the 1980s and 1990s, the demand for “transparent” technology arguably peaked. While the ’70s had been about attaching pieces of wood to consumer electronics to make them fit more convincingly into the living room, there was soon a burning desire to see in fact the inner workings of the systems we were using, and that resulted in some pretty impressive consoles – including more of a see-through Game Boy and a cool “skeleton” Saturn (the latter unfortunately exclusive to Japan). Even the N64 got into the action with several transparent color variants, all of which are highly desirable in today’s market.

While the trend for gaming systems with transparent cases has waned over the past decades, access to cheap mass production facilities in the Far East has recently sparked new demand, and retro enthusiasts are now looking for ways to fix their beloved systems. in new flashy see-through clothes:

Of course, we’ve seen similar cases for the Switch as well, and Nintendo hasn’t totally abandoned the notion of “skeleton” consoles either. Although it is not quite the standard again, we would be happy to pass a law that prevents companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft from publishing all of their products in black or white. And you?

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