Read This Before Buying the Nintendo Switch OLED

Welcome to our “Read Before You Buy Nintendo Switch OLED” article. The Nintendo Switch OLED creates a great first impression. The stunning new 7-inch screen with ultra-thin bezels, deep blacks, and vibrant colors will have you wondering how you ever coped with the original Switch’s inferior LCD.

The love at first sight isn’t just the attractive OLED display. The upgraded speakers, now discreetly buried under the console’s main appeal, are noteworthy. The Switch’s famous “click” never sounded so good, and we didn’t need headphones to play our favorite games.

We particularly liked the new console kickstand, which covers the entire back. Similar to Microsoft’s awesome adjustable stands for Surface devices, it far outperforms the original Switch’s thin plastic stand, which could barely support the console. With that in mind, this is a huge improvement for tabletop mode users and increases the overall build quality of the console.

The Nintendo Switch OLED: release date and price.

This is Nintendo’s fourth home console, and it will be released on October 8, 2021. For $349.99, it’s more expensive than the original Nintendo Switch (£259.99) and Nintendo Switch Lite (329 AU$.99). It’s more than twice as expensive as the original Nintendo Switch.

OLED is the Nintendo Switch price has gone up, but I think it’s worth it. Additionally, there’s a 7-inch OLED screen, better speakers, more internal storage, a bigger kickstand, and a docking station with a LAN port for better online gaming.

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