Splaton 3 fast approaching its release on Nintendo Switch in September as the latest entry in the squid-tastic third-person shooter series that lets you aim at other players with tons and tons of ink.

You don’t need to wait for the game to be released to play, however, as Splaton 3 Splatfest’s first global demo is set to begin on August 27. The 12-hour event will allow players to experience both typical Splatfest battles in the new game environment as well as Tricolor Territory War battles.

The three-way Turf War and Tricolor Turf Wars battles during the demo should give a decent preview of what to expect when the full games are released. Plus, new weapons and features will let you fight for a particular cause – this time it’s Team Rock, Team Paper or Team Scissors. This is a normal event for Splatfests, so be sure to choose which band you’re going to represent, then play hard!

You want to know exactly when you can play Splaton 3 or buy a physical or digital copy? We have everything you need to know here. Stay fresh!

The colorful squid kids in Splatoon 3 sport different types of clothing. The third entry in the Splatoon series will debut in September.

When Splaton 3 Exit?

Splaton 3 is set to release on September 9 on Nintendo Switch as a physical and digital release. The game is up for pre-order right now, so you still have time to lock in your copy if you can’t wait for release day to jump in and make a splash with your in-game buddies. heat up quickly.

When Splaton 3 Open?

Your copy of Splaton 3 will unlock at midnight in your region on September 9 and will be available for immediate digital or physical purchase at the same time. Due to store hours, players may not be able to pick up a physical copy until the end of the release day. The game is also unlikely to have a wide release at midnight, which means you may have to wait for your copy to arrive in the mail, unless you decide to make your trip to pick up a copy from a store. a local retailer.

Splatoon and Splaton 2 are also currently available for purchase. the original Splatoon debuted on Wii U in May 2015 and is currently not widely available for sale or purchase given the game console’s obsolete status. Splaton 2released in July 2017, is currently available to purchase and play on the Nintendo Switch.