REVIEW: Mario and Luigi’s Perfect Hot Drinks Raise Questions at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is in the middle of the Mario mania thanks to its massive Super Nintendo World expansion that debuted earlier this year. Work on a second phase is already underway, and even a parade is planned for next spring with the mustached plumber as one of the key figures. But the latest drinks featuring Mario & Luigi at Mario Cafe left us in awe at first, just based on their presentation.

These drinks aren’t served in the Super Nintendo World itself, like the Super Star Hot Yuzu Lemonade, but rather at the Mario Cafe near the park exit. This place is most famous for serving up some interesting cap-shaped treats and blended sodas that we tried last year, but both of these items are brand new for winter 2021!


Like their cold soda counterparts, these two are served with the appropriate mustache attached to a spoon (rather than a straw). The mugs are wrapped in the “Whose Cap?” Still confusing. art that covers merchandise sold at the nearby Mario store.

Hot Parfait Fashionable Mario Pudding – 700 ($ 6.16)


These two drinks, but Mario in particular, are ideas that I have to wonder who came up with them. We’re usually very entertained by the creative goodies served at Universal Studios Japan, but these two were more “huh? “Weird rather than” incredible! ” weird. Mario’s Pudding a la Mode Hot Parfait consists of lots of whipped cream holding a raspberry frosting, a few slices of tangerine, a cherry with a core, half a strawberry, lots of nuggets, and of course a dollop of pudding. The fashion. And under all this decadence? Hot chocolate, which actually absorbs about 2/3 of the drink itself.

This one was certainly the strangest of the two. Universal Studios Japan has a rather watery cocoa. It’s not chocolatey enough, which means if any fruit crosses the barrier and gets into the drink, the taste combination is just plain bad. Orange chocolate is a combination we love, but here it was just plain wrong. On top of that, the pudding is rather thick and can also fall off after enough time unless you eat it quickly. Between the dull cocoa and the weird spoonfuls of fruit and pudding on top, we recommend you pass this one up.

Warm Luigi Fruit Parfait – 700 ($ 6.16)


While still odd, Luigi’s offer was definitely our favorite of the two. Luigi gets another bed of whipped cream over hot chocolate, with canned peaches and pears resting on it with lots of apple syrup, sprinkles, and another strawberry half.

While the clearly canned fruit on top was a bit cheap, we still enjoyed this one a bit more as the less intense flavors allowed some cocoa fruit to be mixed without as much of a flavor contrast. The apple syrup on top added a nice flavor, although you want to keep it out of the cocoa if possible. Other than those ratings, there’s still not much to complain about although this is certainly the better of two very odd picks.

If you find yourself at Universal Studios Japan’s Mario Cafe in winter, these two choices are equally confusing, but at least one will leave you less disappointed than the other. Let us know in the comments if you want to try them out!

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