Rise ‘will not support Nintendo Switch and PC cross play


Anyone who hopes that the next PC port of Monster Hunter: Get Up would play well with its Nintendo Switch counterpart is a big disappointment. According to developer Capcom, neither cross save nor cross play will be part of the game.

Monster Hunter: Get Up came out on Nintendo Switch in March and is already one of the best-selling titles of the year. As Capcom seeks to make the PC its main platform, a port of Monster Hunter: Get Up, with his neighbor sun visor extension, coming to PC next summer. The port will support a lot of graphics features that are not available on the Switch version, but unfortunately progression and playing between the two platforms is not one of those features.

“We have heard your Cross-Save / Cross-Play requests for Monster: Hunter: Get up and sun visor“said Capcom on Twitter. “Unfortunately, after reviewing it throughout the development process, we found that we couldn’t implement it this time around. “

It’s not shocking in itself, but it’s easy to see why many fans aren’t thrilled with the announcement. Monster hunter requires you to play for hundreds of hours to reach its coolest content. So anyone who wants to double down and get the PC version for its technical upgrades will just have to go all the way to the game. again.

Cross-backups, in particular, are also not a rare feature between Switch and PC. The recent Diablo 2: resurrected, for example, allows it. As for cross play between platforms, it is more of a daily standard. Fortnite is huge on Switch and has cross play.

Hoping that Capcom changes your tone before Monster Hunter: Get Up does it on PC.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GL HF.

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