Romance Visual Novel Aonatsu Line arrives in Japan on February 24


Romantic visual novel Aonatsu Line will soon be on another platform. Entergram has announced plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 24, 2022, in standard version and in limited edition.

The standard version of Aonatsu Line will be priced at 7,480 (approximately US $ 66), while the limit price will be 10,780 ($ 95). The Switch version is the latest in a series that began with the original PC version of developer Giga’s game in March 2019. The PS4 and PS Vita versions were released the following April in Japan.

VNDB has a description:

Tatsumi and her childhood friends Miki and Chihiro talked every day about what they would do during the next summer vacation. Luckily, they befriended the overly honest ojou-sama Yui, who transferred to their school since she admired the co-education system, as well as Kouhai Kotone, who had failed to build lasting friendships after trying too hard to fit in. a new group of five friends (?) have started planning a memorable, bittersweet summer vacation that only comes once in a lifetime.

Going through Gematsu


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