Rune Factory 5 now on Nintendo Switch

Rune Factory 5 is finally out and available on Nintendo Switch. This latest title introduces new gameplay features as well as a colorful cast of characters. Players can get the game through physical or digital editions.

To celebrate the game’s launch, XSEED Games is hosting a special in-person event on March 26 at Honey and Butter Macarons in Irvine. The macaron specialists are best known for their “kawaii” creations, so they will be offering themed versions of the treat inspired by characters from the game. Those who attend in person or online have the chance to win prizes.

In the Gameplayers return to the fantasy world of rune factory and experience a great adventure while living the life they want. The story begins in the sleepy border town of Rigbarth where mysterious events occur that affect the runes that maintain the balance between nature and humanity.

Different editions

As mentioned, there are two versions, the first being the physical retail editions. There are two versions here – the standard edition ($59.99) and the “Earthmate Edition” ($79.99). In addition to the base, the Earthmate edition also includes, among other things:

  • An outer box customized with artwork by series illustrator Minako Iwasaki

  • An exclusive SteelBook case

  • Artbook with over 70 pages of varied illustrations

The digital editions are available from the Nintendo eShop and offered as a standalone ($59.99) or Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99).

Special offers

Players who have already Rune Factory 4 special saving data to their Switch system have the chance to meet Doug and Margaret as guest NPCs in this latest addition to the series. They also receive Lest and Frey’s outfits as a special gift.

On the Nintendo eShop, players can get DLC sets that feature costumes inspired by previous titles in the franchise as well as swimsuits based on characters from Rune Factory 4. Meanwhile, the digital pre-order bonus, “Holy Knight and the Bibliophile Swimsuit Set + New Ranger Care Package Item Pack,” comes with swimsuits based on fan favorites Forte and Kiel. It also contains items that can help new SEED rangers get started. This bundle will be available for direct purchase starting April 26, for $1.99.

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