Scion of Paradise DLC #1 and Update Now (Version 1.01), Patch Notes

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC #1 & Update Now (Version 1.01), Patch Notes

Posted on Aug 11, 2022 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Little Noah Scion of Paradise DLC update 1.01

Cygames released the first major DLC for Little Noah: descendant of paradise (known as the Avatar, Lilliput and Accessories Pack) as well as a free update for the game.

Along with the DLC, the following content is included:

Talk to the champion on the airship with the “Avatars” speech bubble above her head to switch to one of these new avatars.
1. Princess Noah of the Gourmet Guild
2. White Mage Noah

These Lilliputes appear randomly in the ruins. Ask for their help and expand your repertoire!
1. Halvor (★★★)
2. Pirate King Kidd (★★★)
3. Goddess Amelie (★★★)

These accessories appear randomly in the ruins.
1. Conflagrant Regalia (★★★)
2. Crystal Adornment (★★★)
3. Thundering Regalia (★★★)
4. Trademaster’s Turban (★★★)

5. Trusty Piggy Bank (★★★)
Regalia: Deals extra damage when you meet certain conditions.
Master Trader’s Turban: Receive a discount on shop items.
Trusty Piggy Bank: Save the gold you collect from dungeons, even after being knocked out.
Use these items wisely to get the most out of every expedition!

Update 1.01 for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise has its own set of content, including “Hell Mode” difficulty and new room types in the ruins. Read the full patch notes below.

– Added extremely difficult “HELL Mode”
– Added new room types to ruins!
The big treasure chest
Lairs of Elemental Monsters
Trey’s Bonus Stages
– New Lilliput: Ace
– The store now has an additional item slot to choose from!
Note: If players are already in a store during the update, the extra slot will be exhausted.
– Low and High settings have been added as anti-aliasing options.

Bug fixes
– Fixed “Battlesword Noah” avatar title.
– When a Monster Lair is completed, its icon disappears from the map.
– Fixed an issue when enemies quickly changed direction multiple times.
– Fixed a bug where the difficulty change was not saved if players returned to the title screen immediately after changing difficulty level.
– Fixed a bug where selecting default settings would reset your last used settings instead.
– Adjusted the graphics of Noah when near/interacting with the potion cache.
– Fixed a bug where the SFX would not play when releasing the skip event button just before the event was skipped.
– Adjusted the Lilliput House icon on the airship.
– Smoothed cursor movement.
– Adjusted maximum rank support design.
– Fixed background flickering.
– Fixed some phrasing during events.
– Fixed tutorial messages.
– Fixed some map collision points.

The Avatar, Lilliput and Accessories DLC Pack and Update 1.01 for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC are available now.


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