“Screw This Game” – Sonic Origins Modder halts development on a massive patch

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While Sonic Origins offers a convenient way to play the hedgehog’s most famous 16-bit releases on modern consoles, many veteran fans have not been happy with the quality of the releases included in the collection. The game features various improvements such as widescreen support and new game modes, but also introduces errors, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and behaviors that some diehard Sonic fans are not happy with.

The latest dissatisfied voice from the Sonic fan community is that of Xanman, creator of BetterOriginsa mod for the PC version of the game which aimed to fix various errors and improve the overall quality (thanks, The player).

However, after going through the game files, Xanman decided to stop work on the mod altogether. “Hey, so we’ve decided to stop development on this project,” Xanman wrote of the mod. GameBanana page:

“After really digging through the files for this game, it’s become much clearer that this game is absolute s***. We’ve fixed enough where the game is a bit more usable but really, especially without scripts, it doesn’t there’s not much we can “fix” without simply redoing the sprites.”

“Maybe I’ll come back to it in the future, when script editing becomes a thing. But for now, screw this game.”

It wasn’t just the fan community that expressed their displeasure with the final product. Simon Thornley of Headcannon, who worked on the Sonic 3 and Knuckles part of the collection, recently took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and also provide partial explanations of how these issues arose.

For a better idea of ​​the types of issues fixed by the BetterOrigins mod, here is a list of patch notes for update 1.5 according to the mod’s GameBanana updates page:

Adjustment – Sonic 1 Palette issues have been fixed
Improved – CD title screen has been cleaned up and uses full resolution beta assets as a base
Bugfix – Sonic 2 bosses flash correctly
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – Life icons are accurate
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – Elemental shields use correct sprites
Bug Fix – Sonic 2 – Fix color error in some Tails sprites having incorrect transparent pixels
Bug Fix – Sonic 2 – Fixed a color error in some of the Knuckles sprites making black a dark green
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – S3 sprites use S1 blacks
Improvement – Sonic 2 – Eggman sprites have been fixed
Bugfix – Sonic 2 – Monitors no longer have 2 gray pixels on their screens
Improvement – Casino Night pinball machines are fixed
Improvement – Casino Night star blocks have been fixed
Improved – Casino Night visuals are fixed (it was very broken)
Bugfix – Metropolis has proper paddle cycle
Improvement – Wing Fortress has good transparency
Bugfix – All Wing Fortress tiles use their own palette
Improved – Wing Fortress wire mill uses its original paddle
Improved – Oil Ocean paddle cycle is correct
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – Life text and HUD have been reworked
Improved – Sonic 2 – Rotating sign frames now all use the full color gamut
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – Rotating panel frames correctly use S2 panels as a base
Adjustment – Sonic 2 – The lower part of the monitors is the same on both sides
Tweak – Casino Night colored bumpers no longer flicker
Added – Oil Ocean now uses purple instead of green
Improvement – Oil Ocean oil is correctly affected by gravity (it no longer rises smh)
Improved – Metropolis has a more logical palette on some tiles
Improvement – Death Egg Robot looks a bit more like the original
Added – The ending now has a limited palette
Bug Fix – Carnival Night barrel green pixels fixed

We called the game “a nice collection for new fans, less for the hardcore Sonic crowd” in our 7/10 review of the Switch version. While it works well enough for more casual fans who are content to dip their toes into Sonic’s original 16-bit catalog, it’s clear that many feel these vintage rigs deserved more care and attention – in especially with the “ultimate” rated versions of the games, according to Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka.

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