Six Star Wars games to play: “Republic Commando”, “Knights of the Old Republic” and more

Before the Bad Batch, Commander Cody or Captain Rex, there was the Delta Squad of “Republic Commando”. Unlike the faceless legions of stormtroopers of the original Star Wars trilogy, the troopers of the Republic clone army have their own personalities. You can thank “Republic Commando” for that.

Released in 2005, “Republic Commando” is the first instance in the Star Wars universe of clones as people, not just foot soldiers. In the game, you play as the team leader, who is voiced by Temuera Morrison, the actor behind Jango and Boba Fett – the Mandalorians that the entire clone army relies on. Aptly nicknamed the “Boss”, you lead three teammates, “Fixer”, “Scorch”, and “Sev”, who have their own unique talents as a computer scientist, demolisher and sniper, respectively, through a series of special operations missions.

In the first-person shooter, you direct your teammates to tactical points across the various levels, searching high ground to cover fire or placing an explosive to clear debris. The game works like “SOCOM” and similar titles from the same era, before we all had the ability to just play with friends online.

“Republic Commando” isn’t a perfect game, but it’s fun to revisit a turning point in the Star Wars franchise – when bucket-heads fighting for the Republic (and Empire) became characters in their own right. You can play a remastered version of “Republic Commando” for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, currently on sale for $7.49. The Xbox store has it on sale for $4.99, and you can get it on Steam for $3.49 until May 6.

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