Slopecrashers aims to bring the arcade feel back to extreme sports games

There has always been a market in the games industry, however small, for extreme sports titles. Skiing, snowboarding and rally fans can get as close to the real thing as possible by playing games like Soak or the DIRT franchise. However, there is still an appetite for extreme sports games that are a little less heavy on realism. It’s a niche that Byteparrot, the solo studio behind the upcoming combat-racer Slopecrashershope to fill.


The arcade snowboarding game is less of a simulation and more of an over-the-top take on extreme sports in the style of SSX and similar titles. Game Rant sat down with lone developer Johannes Lugstein to talk about his inspirations and where Slopecrashers falls into the genre.

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Slopecrashers is heavily influenced by a little-known N64 title


Lugstein’s interest in extreme sports games was sparked when he was younger, but not by one of the best-known entries in the genre. “Probably the biggest influence, one of the reasons the game actually exists, is Kids Snowboarding on the N64,” he said.

Kids Snowboardingreleased in 1997, is an arcade snowboarding game similar in style to Lugstein’s Slopecrashers. Both titles feature item-based combat and a range of non-traditional racing locations. Racjin, the game’s developer, released a sequel in 1999, but it never went on sale in Lugstein’s native Austria, he said. Kids Snowboarding got a Nintendo DS reboot in 2005, but since then the franchise has gone quiet.

Despite this, Lugstein recalls the importance Kids Snowboarding was in his childhood. “When I was a kid, I had three games on N64: mario 64, Mario Kartand Kids Snowboarding,” he said. “For some reason, that was the game my sister and I played all the time.”

Sure, Slopecrashers is inspired by other arcade racing games. Lugstein enjoys titles of freedom like SSX and Soak give to their players by removing hard barriers and allowing for more exploration in races. “You don’t have to follow a path with a fence left and right,” he said. “You can jump over the fence and get off the track.”

Slopecrashers also has “a bit of Mario Kart in there with objects,” Lugstein said, but the object types in his game are more heavily influenced by Kids Snowboarding. More than anything else, this game is the reason Slopecrashers exists, he says.

As he works to develop his game, Lugstein said he’s surprised at how many people in the community recognize Slopecrashers’ influences. “Some people said, ‘Oh my God, it’s like children snowboarding,‘ he said.

“It was really great, because it was the games that influenced me to make this game, but I never thought it would go to people who enjoyed those games as well.”

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Slopecrashers fills a niche in the extreme sports genre


Just like the games that inspired it, Slopecrashers is an unorthodox take on snowboarding games. Players compete as a number of animal mascots, including lemurs, parrots, and even two ferrets on a board. Races take place in several different environments that aren’t typically considered snowboarding locations such as cities or deserts, Lugstein said, and the game doesn’t shy away from gravity-defying stunts.

Slopecrashers is also designed to be enjoyed in groups, the game is expected to come with split-screen multiplayer, Lugstein said. He’s also working on a Switch port of the game that will let four players progress through his event-based campaign together.

Lugstein hopes his game will bring something new and different to the table compared to many other extreme sports games coming out today. Many of these new titles, like Republic of the Rider and Grinders“Aim for the more realistic side of things,” he said.

“Sims can be fun too, but for my game I wanted crazy, over-the-top action with added combat elements.”

For now, says Lugstein, Slopecrashers occupies a kind of niche among extreme sports games – or at least snowboard games. Its title focuses more on “over-the-top crazy madness” than simulation-quality realism, which is a formula currently underrepresented in the genre.

Slopecrashers Coming soon to PC and Switch.

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