Star Wars Battlefront 3 PSP Cart Found After Game Canceled

Star Wars Battlefront 3 was in development for two years before being canceled in 2008. Since the game was never officially revealed, players wondered what it would have looked like. Hopes for an answer to that question were fueled by the rumored discovery of an early version of Star Wars Battlefront 3 on a PSP cart this week, but fans are wondering if it’s actually a game. completely different.

A glimpse of the past

The PSP Cart was publicly revealed when Reddit user MissFeepit post a picture of what was thought to be a test build of Star Wars Battlefront III (thanks msn). A relative of her fiancé was a game tester for Lucasarts. When the game was cancelled, all assets were supposed to be returned to Skywalker Ranch, but this cartridge was left behind. Both the cartridge and the game itself are clearly named Star Wars Battlefront III. However, photos of the game in action show that it bears many similarities to Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, a spin-off game eventually released for the PSP and Nintendo DS.

Elite Squadron was created from the remnants of the canceled Star Wars Battlefront III. The PSP Cart Uncovered includes early versions of Instant Action, Campaign, and Galactic Conquest modes that later found their way into Elite Squadron. The instant action appears to only contain Conquest mode, while it’s unclear which part of the campaign is present. Without video footage, it is also difficult to determine the similarities between the cart campaign and the finished product campaign.

This has left fans divided as to whether this is really a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 3 on PSP or just an extremely early version of Elite Squadron. Regardless of the outcome, the cart remains a part of the game’s story worth preserving. Missfeepit said “we have reached out / will reach out to the people we need to reach”.

In other news, Square Enix still hadn’t made a profit on Outriders at the end of 2021, but that’s not one of the IPs they sold to Embracer Group. Elsewhere, the Final Fantasy devs were once working on a new Bloodborne-style IP which was later cancelled.

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