Steam Deck, Valve’s response to Nintendo Switch, launched but India isn’t getting it anytime soon


Valve, the company that owns Steam, now also owns a handheld game console. It’s called Steam Deck and comes in response to the Nintendo Switch, which is the most popular handheld console. The Steam Deck is backed by a powerful mix of specs, which Valve is counting on to popularize the console. The Valve Steam Deck goes on sale in December while reservations open on July 16, but only in the US and select other countries. While Valve is considering expanding the availability of the Steam Deck to India, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

Since Nintendo does not officially sell its Switch consoles in India, it is possible that Valve will take the opportunity to push its consoles. There is a strong demand for handheld game consoles in India, according to Nintendo Switch sales figures, and this is something Valve can take into account to increase sales outside of the United States.

Steam bridge specifications

The Valve Steam Deck comes with an AMD APU which features a quad-core Zen 2 processor with eight threads and AMD RDNA 2 graphics with the power of eight compute units. There is 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM on the Steam Deck, and for storage you have three configurations, each at a different price point. There is also a slot for a high-speed microSD card on the console, if you want to expand the storage. There is a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels which can run games and 720p videos. The Valve Steam Deck has a gyroscope to facilitate movement control in games. You have a built-in speaker and microphones on the console.

On the ports side, the Steam Deck has a USB-C port and a headphone jack. But when it comes to controls, the console has a plethora of them. You have a D-pad, a View button, a controller on both sides, an Options button, an ABXY system, a trackpad on each side, a quick access bar, a Steam button, L1 / L2 / L4 / L5 and R1 / R2 / R4 / R5, a power button and volume buttons. There is a fan at the bottom of the console to cool the internals. Valve also supported Bluetooth audio on Steam Deck and that’s something you don’t get on the Nintendo Switch.

You can purchase a dock separately to use the Steam Deck on external displays. In fact, Valve has promised support for monitors and even older CRT televisions, given that “you have the right cables.” The USB-C port at the bottom will facilitate all of this.

The Steam Deck runs what Valve calls a new version of SteamOS. It is Linux based software and uses Proton for compatibility with Windows based games. This means the Steam Deck can run Windows games, but developers will need to wear them specifically for the console. Additionally, you can use Steam Deck as a Linux computer where you can even plug in a mouse, keyboard, monitor, or even install game stores, PC software, and access the internet through web browsers. But remember, unless you reflect the console on a big screen, everything will be crammed into that 7-inch screen.

For games, Valve offers cloud support, which means you can pick up games where you left off. For example, you can play a game on Steam PC, then you choose Steam Deck to resume the game. The console will remember where you left off and allow you to resume the game from that point. All your games and settings will sync across all devices.

Steam bridge price

The one with 64 GB of eMMC storage costs $ 399, which is roughly Rs 29,800. A slightly higher model with 256 GB NVMe SSD storage costs $ 529, which is roughly Rs 39,500. Then you have the variant. with the highest memory with a 512GB NVMe SSD and it costs $ 649, or around Rs 48,400. These prices are only based on currency conversions, but it is possible that the Steam Deck will sell for around these prices as it becomes available in India.

On its website, Valve did not mention India in the list of countries that will see the release of the Steam Deck in the first wave which begins in December of this year. It just means that if you live in India and want to get your hands on the Steam Deck, your best bet is to have your friend living in the US ship it to you. There is also no information on parallel importers bringing Valve’s Steam Deck to India at this time.

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