Super Mario 64 DS virtual console mod gives the game proper analog controls

It’s time to remove the stylus and D-Pad as a mod for the Wii U Virtual Console version of Super Mario 64 DS adds some proper analog stick controls to the game.

super mario 64 ds wii u mod

With the launch of Super Mario 64 DS in 2004, it was unfathomable to many that they were playing a portable version of a game released less than a decade ago. And even if the game was impressive for the time, it is clear that the controls of the DS were cumbersome for some players. The DS remake of Super mario 64 would make its way to the Wii U Virtual Console, with its imprecise control scheme, but a new mod seeks to rectify that.

The original Super mario 64 is one of the most influential video games in history, Nintendo paving the way for dozens of 3D platformer games in the late 90s, early 2000s. While on the Nintendo 64, gamers control Mario with the central joystick and can adjust the camera with the directional buttons C, the game on the Nintendo DS is a bit more difficult to control and certainly less precise. Using the D-Pad or touchscreen will cause Mario to walk by default, requiring you to hold the Y button to make him run. Many hoped that with the port to the Wii U virtual console that Nintendo would have changed Super Mario 64 DS‘controls, but alas, they stay true to the original game.


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A module for Super Mario 64 DS on Wii U Virtual Console gives the game full joystick controls, bringing the game closer to the original title. In a forum post on the indie gaming site, GBAtemp, user MikaDubbz praised this patcher, trying to expand its user base from the limited Discord group it was posted to at the origin. The mod, created by user @LRFLEW on GBAtemp, in combination with another patch that allows remapping of controls, allows the player to put full directional control of Mario on the left analog stick and full camera control on the right. “As now that it exists, it could become my definitive way of playing Mario 64,” MikaDubbz said of the mod.

As NintendoLife’s Jon Cartwright video shows, Mario controls with a fluidity never before seen in Super Mario 64 DS. Between the eight cardinal directions on the D-Pad and using the touch pen, running Mario at full speed in a circle was nearly impossible in Super Mario 64 DS.

The original DS and Virtual Console versions force gamers to compromise on comfort or control: play the game more comfortably using the play button and d-pad at the expense of accuracy, or use the stylus to retrieve precise movement control but be quite uncomfortable doing so. With the @LRFLEW patch, this choice is no longer to be made.

Super Mario 64 DS is a popular title in the series’ long history, bringing many interesting changes to the original game. In addition to Mario, Super Mario 64 DS let’s become the players Luigi, Yoshi and Wario, each character being able to perform certain tasks. With the release of this mod, maybe now is the perfect time to visit (or revisit) Super Mario 64 DS.

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Source: GBAtemp

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