Super Smash Bros. original could have a new life thanks to Switch Online


Nintendo’s latest Direct came with many important announcements. On the one hand, the company has announced that games originally released for the N64 will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch Online library via a purchasable expansion pack, adding a crucial generation of games to NSO’s retro library. On the other hand, Nintendo fans Super Smash Bros. fighting game series learned when Nintendo plans to announce the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter DLC. These were just two big announcements in a news-packed Direct, giving fans a great picture of what Nintendo plans to do with the Switch in the coming months.

The upcoming N64 games on Switch are definitely great news. The initial game pool will be quite small, but Nintendo plans to add more N64 games over time. We wonder if Nintendo will add the original Super Smash Bros. from N64 to Nintendo Switch Online. While the NSO game library tends to favor single-player games, it has become increasingly user-friendly for online multiplayer. Online multiplayer was initially a major selling point for N64 and Sega Genesis games joining NSO. If so, it would be great to get an NSO reissue of Super Smash Bros. with online multiplayer.

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Super Smash Bros. on NSO makes sense

Super Smash Bros. splash screen

The first one Super Smash Bros. game, also known as Overwrite 64, could more than ever use official online multiplayer. Now that the Super Smash Bros. The franchise has become a huge success, with fans who entered the franchise in later entries expressing a growing interest in Smashthe roots of. Smash fans love the highly technical Super Smash Bros. Melee, but the fans started to look towards crush 64 also, by modifying it and creating their own online multiplayer. This makes it pretty clear that there is an interest in playing crush 64 in line.

Nintendo just happens to be the perfect place to deliver crush 64 with online multiplayer. Nintendo Switch Online may not always have a perfect connection, but it still serves two fantastic purposes: to make retro games available to Switch owners, and to enhance those games with new ways to save and new online components. .

The latest Nintendo Direct showed that NSO’s version of Star fox 64 will have online multiplayer, so give crush 64 the same treatment should be quite easy. Moreover, since crush 64 was one of the best-selling games of the N64, it seems logical that it joins the fun alongside other N64 classics like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, both are bound for NSO.

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Now is the perfect time to check out Smash 64

Smash 64 Kirby taunt

crush 64 is a very different game from others Smash Game. There are only twelve characters, there are no side specials, the catches have drastically reduced functionality, and so on. However, none of these things are negative. They just show how Smash has come. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can’t be as sprawling and complicated as it is because crush 64 walked so he could run. Yes crush 64 comes to NSO now, it might have a rebirth, like Smash players of all generations of the franchise are going back to the roots of the game, playing it online, and enjoying the game that started it all.

Nintendo may not have announced crush 64‘s in the N64 NSO extension for now, but it seems quite likely. The first one Super Smash Bros. is such an important part of the N64’s legacy that it’s hard to imagine Nintendo skipping the game as it expands NSO’s library. Since there are other N64 games confirmed to join NSO after the launch of the N64 expansion, it might take a few months to appear, but ideally it will happen sooner or later. With Ultimate smash completing its line of DLC, Nintendo would be wise to offer fans of the classics Smash celebrate Ultimate smashSuccess.

Super Smash Bros. released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64.

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Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack price must hit a good point

Bringing N64 and Sega Genesis Games to Switch is great, but locking them behind an unreasonable payment wall will be a compromise for many.

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