Survival Evolved are free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is giving away two resounding hits for free this week, with both dark haven and Ark: Survival Evolved now available to claim for anyone with an Epic account. Both games are worth grabbing, whether you’re a fan of dinosaurs or classic high-fantasy dungeon crawlers.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a vast and colorful adventure game set on a prehistoric island populated by terrifying beasts. To survive, you’ll need to deploy essential skills, learn to tame your surroundings, and take down creatures, including towering dinosaurs. Whereas Ark isn’t quite the blockbuster it aimed to be at launch, it has a hearty adventure and survival system that will have you wandering through a beautiful sandbox for hours.

It will also have a sequel in 2023, starring Vin Diesel – for some reason. If you’re looking to gear up for this blockbuster, which looks to be a lot bigger than its predecessor, there’s no better chance than catching the original game. for free via the Epic Games Store.

Lily: Ark 2 featured at Xbox and Bethesda showcase, features Vin Diesel

Image: Studio Wildcard

dark haven is also a fantastic pickup. This game emulates the action-adventure dungeons of tabletop board game adventure, dark haven, but without the rigorous setup and reading of the rules you need to start playing. When you start your digital journey, you’re given a nice introduction to the game’s lore and mythology, then you’re tasked with surviving an array of dungeons alongside worthy fighters.

While the dark haven digital adaptation is very difficult at times, there is usually a strategic response to your adventure woes, with players having to deploy tricks and clever thinking to advance through dungeons and finally conquer their enemies.

If you’ve ever been curious about the board game, try dark haven digital is a great introduction. It’s tough, but once you get past the game’s steep learning curve, it’s a good time.

Ark: Survival Evolved and dark haven will be available to claim on the Epic Games Store until September 30, 2022 at 01:00 AEST. When these games leave, they will be replaced by Rainbow and The Drone Racing Leaguewhich will be available until October 7, 2022.

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