Switch to virtual fuel in “Gas Station Simulator”, coming next month

It wasn’t until the day Powerwash Simulator was announced for the Switch that a title like Gas Station Simulator wouldn’t surprise us. You’d think the life sim genre hit its oddly specific peak with the likes of Goat Simulator, but – as a quick search for “simulator” on the Switch eShop will show – you’d be wrong. Perfect for any of you who dream of running your own gas station, this garage sim is coming to Switch on October 20.

At a time when many are feeling the pressure of rising gas prices, the ability to run your own virtual station might not be what you crave. But what if we told you that you can also micromanage your finances when trying to keep the station open? Now we have you, don’t we?

That’s right, while other life simulation games serve to distract you from life’s chores with a little slice of something you might not get the chance to do on a daily basis (wash a wall really dirty, driving a tractor, being a goat), Gas Station Simulator seeks to distract your everyday life with, well, everyday life. Hey, whatever floats on your boat!

For a better idea of ​​the game features offered by Gas Station Simulator, check out the full official PR list below. We’ve also attached some slightly goofy screenshots of the sim in action, but let’s face it, the realism in a game like this can bring stress a little too close to financial hardship.

– Renovate, manage and expand a gas station in the desert
– Build new services like workshop, store and warehouse
– Try to manage everything yourself or hire employees to help you
– Don’t forget the supplies
– Lots of customization and decoration options
– Lots of different customers with varying needs and expectations
– Plenty of management options to immerse yourself in

With a release date of October 20, we’re afraid you’ll still have some time to go before you can make your garage dreams come true. For a little taste of real life on the Switch until then, why not check out our list of the best console life sims to keep you going?

Are you going to live your best gas life next month? Gasoline heads and electric warriors unite in the comments below!

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