The 10 Most Iconic E3 Moments of All Time

E3 is an annual trade event where the biggest names in gaming come together to showcase their latest hardware and games. Although the event has struggled in recent years, it is considered by many to be the biggest gaming event on the calendar.

E3 hosted many iconic announcements; this is where we first got details on consoles like the Nintendo DS and PS3. He also had his fair share of stumbles and blunders. As such, we’ve rounded up the most memorable moments from E3.

1. Reggie introduces himself to the world

Reggie Fils-Aimé served as Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America from 2006 to 2019. He hosted numerous E3 conferences for Nintendo, with delightful charm and passion. Its first was in 2004, when it introduced the Nintendo DS to the world, and we all know the smash hit of that hardware.

Although Reggie has had many iconic lines over the years (“my body is ready,” he said as he stepped onto the Wii Fit console), none are perhaps more memorable than his words of opening in 2004: “My name is Reggie, I’m about to kick ass, I’m about to take names, and we’re about to make games.”

2. Nathan Drake refuses to budge

Uncharted 4 is one of the best PS4 exclusives. But when developer Naughty Dog decided to demo the game at E3 2015, all was not well. The footage started out great, showing our intrepid explorers Nate and Sully as they open a door to a market. Except when it came time for Nate to move, he didn’t.

It turned out to be a controller issue. Naughty Dog rebooted the demo and the anticipation built. It was time for Nate to follow Sully…and he did! The crowd erupted in applause.


Now the moment lives forever as an in-game achievement. Stand still for 30 seconds in one spot and you’ll earn the Stage Fright trophy.

3. Sony reveals the cost of the PS3

Sony had absolutely dominated the console market with the PS2. It is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. Naturally, news of its successor was highly anticipated at E3 2006. But when Sony President Kaz Hirai took the stage, no one was ready for his announcement that the PS3 would cost $599.

Consider that the most expensive model of the PS5 costs $499, which launched 15 years after the PS3, and you might see why the house fell silent in 2006. It was especially shocking because the Xbox 360 from Microsoft was selling at $299 and $399 for the Core. and Pro models, respectively.

4. Kinect’s first goofy demo

Kinect is a motion sensor that was first shown at E3 2009 for the Xbox 360, codenamed Project Natal. Many lofty claims have been made about the Kinect, but the most memorable comes from Microsoft’s stage show, where the presenter demonstrated the Kinect’s motion tracking.

“Have you ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar’s shoe looks like?” he asked raising his foot. “Wabam! Here it is ! Except that his on-screen avatar appeared to be possessed by a demon, much to the amusement of the crowd.

5. Gabe Newell appears on the Sony stage

Gabe Newell, President of Valve, once called the PS3 “a waste of time”. That’s why it was so surprising to see him walk onto Sony’s stage at E3 2010 to announce Portal 2 was coming to PS3, along with Steam features like cloud saves and automatic updates. .

“I want to thank everyone at Sony for their kind hospitality,” Newell said. “And for everyone at Sony for not punching me in the face repeatedly.”

6. Shigeru Miyamoto makes someone cry

At E3 2017, Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto made someone in the crowd cry. That someone was Davide Soliani. Miyamoto was on the Ubisoft stage to talk about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a collaboration between the two studios, and creative director Soliani was so overwhelmed with happiness his hero was talking about his game that he shed tears.

7. PS4 supports used games

In hindsight, it might not seem like a big deal that at E3 2013 Sony announced that you could lend your disc-based games to your friends and you wouldn’t need to be connected online to play them. more. Isn’t that the norm?

But the constant applause you can hear from the audience shows that it was meaningful. That’s because Microsoft previously announced the incredibly anti-consumer decision that the Xbox One would use DRM to tie games to a console. It’s no surprise that the company later backtracked after Sony’s knockout blow.

8. Keanu Reeves Hypes Cyberpunk 2077

While it’s an understatement to say that Cyberpunk 2077 had a rocky release, the hype leading up to the release was immense. It is perfectly summed up by the arrival of Keanu Reeves on the stage at E3 2019, to thunderous applause.

Many celebrities were not well received at E3. Keanu Reeves is that perfect Venn diagram cross between fame, internet meme, and glamour. He had the audience in the palm of his hand.

9. A live Wii musical performance

The Nintendo Wii is a wonderful and incredibly innovative console (unlike the failed Wii U). It’s fair to say that it changed the state of gaming. But the Wii was also divisive because some saw it as Nintendo becoming “casual” and not appealing to “hardcore” gamers.

This concern is probably best summed up in Nintendo’s E3 2008 presentation, in which Miyamoto led a stilted and embarrassing musical performance on Wii Music, complete with awkward Wiimote instrument playing and the stunned silence of the crowd.

10. Mr. Caffeine’s jokes fall flat

Ubisoft has never been afraid to be weird, and it was perfectly demonstrated during the company’s E3 2011 presentation. It was run by the so-called Mr. Caffeine, whose eccentric behavior caused a lot of internet fun.

From his mispronunciation of “Tom Clancy” to his interpretation of what going back in time would be like, Mr. Caffeine entered the E3 history books as one of the most unintentionally funny presenters.

Is E3 gone for good?

E3 is struggling to stay relevant. Many developers and publishers choose to produce their own events, ensuring that eyes remain firmly on their news. In 2022, E3 announced that the conference would not take place, even digitally. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin of the event? Either way, we can fondly look back on those glorious gaming moments.

A crowd of people cheering at a Ubisoft event.

With E3 2022 canceled, is it time to cancel E3 for good?

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