The 7 best gaming phones you can buy right now

Mobile games are getting better every year, and there are no signs of the industry slowing down any time soon.

Take-Two Interactive, a subsidiary of Rockstar Games, has just acquired the mobile game giant Zynga, for more than 12 billion dollars (potentially to develop a Grand Theft Auto) and a recent annual report on mobile games from App Annie researchers claims that a total of $116 billion was spent on mobile games in 2021.

Meanwhile, finding parts to build a PC is still a problem, Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 restocks are still scarce (unless you know Shaq), and we’re all patiently waiting for Valve’s Steam Deck or a new one. Ayaneo Next.

On the bright side, mobile gaming is on the rise and is now a legitimate competitor to console and PC gaming. If you really want to ride the mobile wave and take your game on the go, however, you’ll want to have a phone that can handle serious sessions. Big, bright screens, fast refresh rates, and superb batteries are the name of the game, and only a handful of phones can actually keep up with the most demanding mobile titles.

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The ROG Phone 5 Ultimate offers very powerful specs for a mobile gaming device – the Snapdragon 888 5G chip is paired with a 144Hz refresh rate display, up to 512GB of storage and 18GB of RAM, which is more than enough to play your favorite competitive mobile games without having to worry about software performance.

If you like the ROG vibe but don’t want to spend a PC budget on a mobile device, the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5 Pro are equally capable Asus phones with smaller price tags. You’ll miss some of the elite specs, but they still hold their own.

Lenovo is no stranger to gaming, but its ability to take years of PC gaming know-how and create a handheld device is impressive. The Legion Phone Duel 2 has two cooling fans that work with a vapor chamber to help keep the phone cool when playing graphics-intensive games during a marathon session.

This phone has more controls than you’re likely to need. Industry-standard triggers are paired with four ultrasonic shoulder keys, two rear capacitive touch points, and two on-screen touch points. The next time you start fortnite you’ll build as fast as the best PC gamers.

The RedMagic 6S Pro ticks all the boxes without dealing as much of a blow to your wallet as other top-tier options. It has the latest Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 16GB of RAM and a super-fast 165Hz AMOLED display. You can game for days on this phone without it overheating – it has a built-in turbofan amazingly silent and Nubia makes a custom clip-on dual-core ice docking station for the device it will negate even the slightest heating problem.

While many gaming phones have a very specific aesthetic, the Black Shark 4 is more understated. Make no mistake, this device runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 processor and its crisp 144Hz OLED display has a touch sampling rate of 720Hz. Plus, who can resist having legit gaming triggers instead? small buttons or touch controls? For a Few Dollars More, Black Shark Sells Even More advanced trigger accessories.

The Black Shark Pro runs on the new Snapdragon 888, which makes it a bit more powerful, but it’s also a very difficult phone to grab right now. The base model is still a great option, though, especially at this price.

The OnePlus 9 Pro isn’t a gaming device on the surface, but it has the specs to log a few hours of gameplay. It runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, has up to 12GB of RAM and a 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED display. The 256GB of storage offers plenty of room for your game library, and OnePlus also sells well-reviewed add-on triggers.

The battery does run a little low for some reason, which obviously can be a problem for anyone chilling out for long gaming sessions, but charging is fast. The camera system definitely outperforms any gaming brand – the Hasselblad quad camera setup is also quite impressive.

Of course, the OnePlus 10 Pro is on the way any day now, so if you’re considering this model, you might want to wait to see if you can strike a deal or just get the 10 Pro if it’s on. This is actually a huge improvement. .

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 may not have been designed for serious gaming, but it has all the specs you need: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, 8GB of RAM, 120Hz display refresh rate and your choice of 128GB or 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. Running emulated Game Boy games in RetroArch or Pizza Boy will give you a real retro vibe. Even more modern 3D titles like Genshin Impact and fortnite will still work fine, you may not get as much game time before your phone heats up.

The Surface Duo 2 (and Duo 2) is quite a polarizing device. When the original Surface Duo launched in late 2020, people were torn between it being an innovative phone, poised to bring the future of foldables, and that it was It was sort of a gimmick. The Duo 2 isn’t perfect and it’s a bit of a clunky device, but we’re in love with the dual screens – it’s perfect as a kickass gaming emulator. We played it all The Pro Skater from Tony Hawk 2 to SSuperior Mario World on this Nintendo DS/smartphone hybrid and had a blast.

A dual-screen foldable device is definitely something to get used to compared to the standard smartphone, but if you’re looking to play games and watch content, you’ll fall in love with these massive screens. Not to mention, you can sideload Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and stream console-quality games directly to it.

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